Architectural robotics lab

Robotic arm

The Architectural Robotics Lab is used to investigate and research new ways of making using robotic technologies.

Robotic arms in architecture have been used in the past to assemble brick walls, CNC mill material using high speed spindles, cut double-curved surfaces using a hot-wire cutter, build complex surfaces using weaving techniques, and construct art installations using thermo-set polymers.

Led by Dr Wassim Jabi this research is exploring the potential for robotic construction and digital fabrication in architecture.

We are seeking PhD students to work with us in this area. If you are interested in conducting PhD level research in the areas of digital manufacturing and robotic construction in architecture, please contact Ms. Katrina Lewis ( for more information.

WSA Postgraduate Research

Robot Specification:


Designed for high-precision specifications, HA series robots are particularly suitable for laser applications or the gauging of components.


Payload 60 kg
Supplementary payload 35 kg

Working envelope

Max. reach approx. 2000 mm
Number of axes 6
Repeatability <±0,05 mm