SAWSA students
Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The Student Association at the Welsh School of Architecture.

SAWSA is the exciting student society for WSA’s Architecture degree, yet we also welcome students from City Planning, Engineering, Geography and all the Graduates or Undergraduates who simply love design.

New for this year will be SAWSA Tuesdays, where one of three design events will run every Tuesday evening for all of our members, starting October 2015. These events will include: a diverse lecture series from Architects and other design-based careers to learn more about where design can take you; creative classes including life drawing and sculptural work to exercise and experiment with new techniques; and a vibrant film series for a more relaxed, yet valuable way of gaining a greater awareness of architectural culture and the world of design.

In addition to this, the association runs a variety of socials, including major Christmas and Summer events, for a break from academic study and a great way to get to know everyone at the Welsh School of Architecture. SAWSA aims to be a means of familiarising students to both the academic and creative elements of the course, as well as a community of friends to work and spend time with.

We are a student run association and therefore ensure an experience that will be completely valuable and tailored to our student members, and we work to provide a magical society for all those who simply love design.

How to become a member

For new memberships with SAWSA, follow the link below. Freshers and 2nd Year require a ‘Lifetime Guild’ from Cardiff’s Student’s Union at checkout, 3rd/5th & PhD students require a 1-Year Guild for their 1-Year membership. New memberships are now available for 2nd, 3rd, 5th + Postgraduate Students, simply log-in and select your new membership.


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