Architectural History and Theory Group

Mae’r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.


The work of the Architectural History and Theory Group (AHTG) embraces a wide range of interests as reflected in its research projects, publications, and other activities. The variety of members’ research is linked together through an interest in understanding the histories and theories of architecture including its practice, making and education within the situated realities of its cultures and contexts.


The group aims to augment the impact of its research on society, education and practice through conferences, exhibitions, design, pedagogy, funded research and editorships. In recent years, the group has hosted international conferences exploring the themes of Primitive, Quality and Economy in Architecture.

Research undertaken by the group is grouped in six themes:

  • Cultures of the City, Landscape and Environment
  • Cultures, Histories and Ideas
  • Visual Cultures
  • Cultures of Practice and Pedagogy
  • Cultural Heritage
  • World Cultures

Postgraduate Research

The Architectural History and Theory Group welcome enquiries from anyone interested in applying to study for an MPhil or PhD degree in areas relating to the interests and specialisms of its members.

Further information on postgraduate research study at the School can be found at: WSA MPhil/PhD Courses