All staff (A-Z)

Ali Abdi

Mr Ali Abdi

Community Gateway Partnership Manager

Akolade Akiyode

Mr Akolade Akiyode

MA UD Tutor

Caroline Almond

Mrs Caroline Almond


Eleni Ampatzi

Dr Eleni Ampatzi

Lecturer; Deputy Director of Research

Mallika Arora

Ms Mallika Arora

Research Associate

Amalia Banteli

Ms Amalia Banteli

ASM Distance Learning Lecturer

Clarice Bleil De Souza

Dr Clarice Bleil De Souza

Senior Lecturer; ASM Scheme Convenor

Susan Bowden

Ms Susan Bowden

Finance Officer

James Burch

Mr James Burch

Senior IT Technician

Kelly Butt

Mrs Kelly Butt

Recruitment and Outreach Officer

Megha Chand Inglis

Dr Megha Chand Inglis

Research Associate

Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi

Dr Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi

Research Associate

Kai Chung-Wong

Mr Kai Chung-Wong

IT Technician

Sam Clark

Mr Sam Clark


Ester Coma Bassas

Ms Ester Coma Bassas

Researcher Associate   -  Currently on Maternity leave

Anwen Cook

Mrs Anwen Cook

Recruitment Officer

Steve Coombs

Dr Steve Coombs

Lecturer; Year 5 Chair, Chair of Service Design, Chair of Student Recruitment UG

Janice Coyle

Miss Janice Coyle

Graphic Designer

Rosie Cripps

Ms Rosie Cripps

Community Gateway Project Manager

Juliet Davis

Dr Juliet Davis

Senior Lecturer

Hu Du

Dr Hu Du

Sêr Cymru Research Fellow

Andre Du Plooy

Mr Andre Du Plooy

e-Learning Officer

Kate Farbrace

Mrs Kate Farbrace

Teaching Executive Officer   -  Currently on Maternity leave

Andrew Faulkner

Mr Andrew Faulkner

Conservation Teacher

Mike Fedeski

Dr Mike Fedeski

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Wayne Forster

Professor Wayne Forster

Professor, Deputy Head of School

Annie Golledge

Mrs Annie Golledge

School Manager

Ed Green

Dr Ed Green

Lecturer, Year 2 Chair

Julie Gwilliam

Dr Julie Gwilliam

Senior Lecturer

Adam Hardy

Professor Adam Hardy

Professor of Asian Architecture

Sylvia Harris

Ms Sylvia Harris

WSA Library Information Representative

Matthew Harris

Mr Matthew Harris

Digital Craftsperson

Shan Shan Hou

Dr Shan Shan Hou

Lecturer   -  Currently on Maternity leave

Sarah Hughes

Ms Sarah Hughes

Community Gateway Administrator

Wassim Jabi

Dr Wassim Jabi

Senior Lecturer

Huw Jenkins

Mr Huw Jenkins

Commercial Manager CRiBE

Samantha Johnson

Mrs Samantha Johnson

Finance and Research Administrator

Helen Jones

Ms Helen Jones

Engagement Administrator

Phil Jones

Professor Phil Jones

Chair of Architectural Science

Nikki Jones

Ms Nikki Jones

Research Assistant

Meriem Kayoueche-Reeve

Ms Meriem Kayoueche-Reeve

SPECIFIC 2 LCBE Project Officer

Stephen Kite

Professor Stephen Kite


Ian Knight

Professor Ian Knight


Denis Kopitsis

Denis Kopitsis

Honorary Visiting Professor

Simon Lannon

Dr Simon Lannon

Research Fellow, Director of Research

Eshrar Latif

Dr Eshrar Latif


Lindsey Leven Pryce

Ms Lindsey Leven Pryce

Temporary PA to HoS and HR Officer

Katrina Lewis

Miss Katrina Lewis

Research Manager

Xiaojun Li

Dr Xiaojun Li

Research Associate

Sarah Lupton

Professor Sarah Lupton

Personal Chair, Course Director, PG Diploma

Antonio Martinez-Molina

Dr Antonio Martinez-Molina

Research Associate

Mhairi McVicar

Dr Mhairi McVicar

Senior Lecturer and Director of Engagement

Carys Meredith

Ms Carys Meredith

Post Graduate Taught Officer

Susan Morgans

Ms Susan Morgans

Teaching Administrator

Marga Munar Bauza

Ms Marga Munar Bauza


Kate Nash

Mrs Kate Nash

PA to Head of School and Executive Officer

Sarah Nicholas

Ms Sarah Nicholas

Subject Librarian (Architecture)

Juliet Odgers

Ms Juliet Odgers

Lecturer; UG Convenor

Jan O’Brien

Ms Jan O’Brien

General Assistant / Architecture Receptionist

Sarah O’Dwyer

Mrs Sarah O’Dwyer

MSc Lecturer

Jo Patterson

Dr Jo Patterson

Research Fellow, Chair of Staff Meeting

Emmanouil Perisoglou

Mr Emmanouil Perisoglou

Researcher assistant

Sergio Pineda

Mr Sergio Pineda

Lecturer; Year 1 Chair

Wouter Poortinga

Professor Wouter Poortinga


Oriel Prizeman

Dr Oriel Prizeman

Senior Lecturer

Shibu Raman

Dr Shibu Raman

Lecture in Architecture and Urban Design

Mark Reynolds

Mr Mark Reynolds

Facilities Assistant

Andrew Roberts

Dr Andrew Roberts

College Dean for Education and Students.

Angela Ruiz del Portal Sanz

Ms Angela Ruiz del Portal Sanz

Sustainable Design Teacher

Peter Salter

Professor Peter Salter

Professor of Architectural Design

Fran Simpson

Ms Fran Simpson

School Manager

Peter Smith

Mr Peter Smith

Facilities Assistant

A. Benjamin Spaeth

Dr A. Benjamin Spaeth

Lecturer, Director of Learning and Teaching

Vicki Stevenson

Dr Vicki Stevenson

Lecturer, Director of Health, Safety and Environment

Jen Sutton

Ms Jen Sutton

School Receptionist

Rosalie Terpstra

Ms Rosalie Terpstra

Teaching Executive Officer

Lynne Thomas

Ms Lynne Thomas

Community Gateway Project Manager

Dan Tilbury

Mr Dan Tilbury


Justin Trakins

Justin Trakins

Facilities Assistant

Chris Tweed

Professor Chris Tweed

Head of School / Chair in Sustainable Design

Gloria Vargas

Dr Gloria Vargas

Research Assistant

Nicholas Wardhana

Dr Nicholas Wardhana

Research Associate

Christopher Whitman

Mr Christopher Whitman


Kathryn Wilkinson

Dr Kathryn Wilkinson


Federico Wulff

Dr Federico Wulff

Lecturer; MArch2 Year Tutor

Yangang Xing

Dr Yangang Xing

Research Fellow

Gabriela Zapata-Lancaster

Dr Gabriela Zapata-Lancaster

Research Associate