Design Research Unit Wales (DRUw)

The Design Research Unit has been established to implement architectural, urban design and landscape projects from the position of research.

The Unit offers specialised design input for national and international building and urban design projects. Work is carried out in partnership with practice and industry. Projects are shaped through rigorous and critical analysis of all parameters shaping the conceptualisation, development and solution of the project.

The Unit provides a vehicle for cross-disciplinary working, potentially connecting all the research centres and exploring the potential of research based design. It acts both as a ‘seed-bed’ for the development of new fields of research and a vehicle for research application. It provides opportunities for the best graduates to form the basis of careers in a challenging atelier. Research application through the Unit has produced buildings of national and international standing, leading to publication.

DRUw. continues to develop and since winning an RIBA award in 2002 for the Baglan Eco-Factory has grown in numbers and capacity. In the Autumn of 2007 DRUw was one of 5 short-listed practices for the Young Architect of the Year Award. Tom Dyckhoff writing in the Times exclaimed:

‘Welcome to the future of Welsh Architecture. I am being serious and so are they… Zeitgeisty concerns – sustainability, how to build sharp modern architecture that hunkers into the landscape, rural housing for the elderly – without , and this is the key without looking worthy.’

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