Ethics committee

Before you can start any research project involving human participants, human material or human data in the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA), you have to obtain formal approval from the School Research Ethics Committee (SREC).

This is a group of people within WSA who decide whether, on ethical grounds, the research can proceed as proposed, or advice on how it may be modified to do so.

The SREC is established to consider, approve or otherwise issue guidance on research and has a reporting duty to the University Research Ethics Committee. It is established to aid and support staff and student researchers in maintaining exemplary ethical standards in research within the School and to foster a culture among staff and students that is sensitive to ethical considerations where research with people is concerned.

Committee Forms

Health and Safety

Each research project is required to meet the health and safety requirements of University policy. See further information about Cardiff University’s Health & Safety Policies. Of note for researchers in our field is the policy on Lone Working.

The WSA Ethics Committee wants to know that the safety and wellbeing of research participants is assured, that the applicant is aware of any possible ethical issues in carrying out the research and that steps have been taken to ensure that best practice is followed.


Dr Gabriella Zapata-Lancaster Chair
Helen Jones Secretary



External member

  • Caroline Paradise, Nightingale Architects


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