The red colour used in the University logo is Pantone 193. When reproduced in the four colour process its values are 0% cyan, 91% magenta, 65% yellow and 11% black for CMYK; and 166 % red, 5% green and 20 % blue for RGB. Whereas in commercial printing accurate colours can be reproduced, it should be noted that colour monitors, printers and colour photocopiers will provide a representation, not a true colour.

Pantone colours

On-screen and web colours

For on-screen and web optimised colours, please contact the Digital Communications team for information.

Background colours

Care must be taken when applying the logo to coloured backgrounds. A white border must not be used around the logo. Don’t apply the logo to a red background. White, black and grey are the prefered corporate colours, but other colours can be used as recommended below. The white line in the middle of the logo must always be white and not the background colour or any other colour.

Key points

  • The correct colour red must be used
  • There should not be a white border around the logo
  • The white line in the middle of the logo must never be changed
  • The logo should be applied to a suitable colour background

Examples of logo applied to colour palettes (click to download pdf)