Cardiff University logo

The University logo is the foundation of the University’s visual identity system and is closely regulated. Only the prescribed forms of the University logo may be used.

It is bilingual as part of the University’s Welsh Language Scheme as submitted to the Welsh Language Board and must be used in this form in all instances.

The lettering used in the logo has been hand drawn and is not available on any typesetting system. It must never be redrawn, re-designed or distorted in any way.

The University logo must not be amended in any way.

Find out how to download the logo.

Incorrect examples of the logo

Examples of misuseIncorrect reformatting of logo  Incorrect horizontal shrinking of logo

Incorrect use of drop shadow Incorrect use of additional text Incorrect colour scheme of logo Incorrect shape use Incorrect reformatting of logo

Digital branding device

The University has also developed a digital branding device which can be used on digital media only (not for use in print) where the full logo may be unsuitable for use. This may be due to screen size being so small, the full logo may be illegible when reduced in size. Examples of this are iPhone and Android app icons, Twitter avatars and the University’s global web header.