Typography is an important element of the Cardiff University. The University’s preferred typefaces are as below.

Franklin Gothic

A contemporary looking font with a variety of weights which is used extensively on pre-printed stationery and literature

Cardiff University preferred typeface - Franklin Gothic Font



A classic serif font ideal for large volumes of text. It is a font freely available on both PC and Mac based publishing systems and is therefore flexible.

Cardiff University preferred typeface - Times font



A font designed for PC use which can be used where Franklin Gothic is not available

Cardiff University preferred typeface - Arial Font

Web and Digital Typography

In most digital environments, the typography or ‘font’ you use also needs to be on the recipient or reader’s computer, which it frequently is not. To this end, we allow substitute online fonts of ‘Georgia’ for ‘Times New Roman’ as well as ‘Verdana’ for ‘Arial’

Most Cardiff University websites use ‘Verdana’ as the main font for text, as the spacing between characters allows the text to be more legible on screen and has shown in usability studies to be better for reading large blocks of text. You are also welcome to use Arial.


A font designed for web and digital use only instead on Arial

Cardiff University preferred typeface - Verdana Font


A font designed for web and digital use only instead of Times New Roman

Cardiff University preferred typeface - Georgia Font