University name

Cardiff University is the name by which the University is known, as detailed in our Royal Charter.

Variations on the title Cardiff University, such as University of Cardiff, must not be used. Previous titles, such as University College Cardiff, or of institutions which merged to form Cardiff University, such as the University of Wales College of Medicine, must not be used. The use of CU as an abbreviation should also be avoided whenever possible.

Benefits of using the correct title

By using the full title of Cardiff University, the University and individual authors gain the fullest credit for their work whenever citations are collated and used as quality and esteem indicators. This is particularly important in relation to the Research Excellence Framework.

Academic School names

With the exception of: Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff Business School and Cardiff Law School; all academic school names should not use ‘Cardiff’ or ‘Welsh’ in their title.

In writing, academic schools should be referred to as:
Cardiff University School of Chemistry


within a sentence as:
“Researchers at Cardiff University’s School of Chemistry have discovered…” or “Researchers at the Cardiff University School of Chemistry have discovered..” or Cardiff University researchers at the School of Chemistry have discovered…”

Visually, the School name will be displayed alongside the University logo as demonstrated below:

CHEMY homepage 2

MLANG homepage

Web, digital & social media uses of our name

Domain names

Domain names (e.g. should never be purchased and used without agreement from the University’s Web Management Team. Information Services can support colleagues with advice, guidance and protection of these. No derivatives of the name Cardiff University should be purchased as domain names.

Social media usernames

On services such as social media platforms, video and media sharing channels, a username often forms part of the given web address (e.g. and part of the overall content for the channel.

Usernames are often restricted to a small number of letters. ‘cardiffuni’ is an acceptable abbreviation of ‘Cardiff University’ in terms of username selection, as is ‘cu’ as a prefix or suffix (e.g. CUBiosciences). Please consult the Web Management Team before committing to any username on a social media platform if your project is of high visibility or will involve interaction from a large number of staff or students.

Referring to Cardiff University

We should never refer to Cardiff University as ‘Cardiff’ without the qualifier of Uni or University. Using just “Cardiff” can be problematic online, sometimes misdirecting audiences for Cardiff Metropolitan University or Cardiff Council to our services and content.

Similarly, those using search to specifically find ‘Cardiff Uni’ or ‘Cardiff University’ may not find our services should they be labelled just ‘Cardiff’. Be mindful of this when creating digital, web or social assets.

For more information regarding online use of our name, check the Digital guidance section of this website.

Key points

  • No variations on the University’s name should be used
  • Academic schools should not use ‘Cardiff’ or ‘Welsh’ as a prefix
  • Domain names should not be purchased without consulting the Web team
  • Social media usernames should be prefixed with ‘CU’