Web design

Cardiff University works to maintain a consistent, quality and well designed user experience across all our websites. This is achieved through –

  • Consultation and support from the Web Management Team (Marketing)
  • Documentation; specifically the User Experience Style Guide
  • A web development toolkit entitled the UI Toolkit

Compliance with both the User Experience Style Guide, and usage of the UI Toolkit to deliver a website, is mandatory for all divisions, Academic Schools and other business units producing websites or pages as part of the corporate or main Cardiff University site.

User Experience Style Guide

All staff or third parties responsible for producing University websites should download and read the User Experience Style Guide for an overview of the house visual style.

Download the User Experience Style Guide (PDF)

UI Toolkit

The UI Toolkit is a library of code, CSS styles, re-usable elements and boilerplate designs that you can use to produce the website style shown in the User Experience Style Guide. The UI Toolkit is available online and has an extensive library of code to deliver your project fast, to a high quality, consistent with the rest of the University output and ‘future proof’ in terms of central changes to our look and feel.

Email the Web Team to request access to the UI Toolkit