Publications & brochures

Positioning of the University logo

The preferred position of the University logo is near the top right corner of brochure front covers, posters, display panels etc as illustrated. Bottom right hand corner is the next preferred position, followed by the top left hand corner. The bottom left hand corner is not a permitted position for the Cardiff University logo. Central positioning, vertical or horizontally is to be avoided, particularly on front covers.

The placement of the logo on publications, brochures and posters (etc) is relative to the size of the publication. As a guide, the measurement of the height of one of the red blocks in the University logo is the distance to be used from the top and side of the page when positioning the logo.

There are standard locations and associated sizes for the University logo on brochures, web banners, vehicle livery and various other applications.

Brochure Covers


Cardiff University A4 standard cover


Cardiff University A5 standard cover