About us

CASCADE’s aim is to improve the well-being, safety and rights of children and their families. We are concerned with all aspects of community responses to social need in children and families, including family support services, children in need services, child protection, looked after children and adoption.

 What we do
  • Generate internationally recognised primary research evidence 
  • Make our research accessible to all; including service users, professionals and policy-makers.
  • Develop social care research capacity in Wales by providing opportunities for researchers from undergraduate through to senior career stages.
  • Engage a range of collaborators in research, including children and young people, parents and carers, practitioners, policy-makers and social care providers from the public, private and third sectors.
How we do it
Academics for equal protection

Academics for Equal Protection is an informal group of senior academics, living and working in Wales, who came together in 2014 to call for children and adults to have equal protection from physical assault. A number of CASCADE researcher are member of the group.