Academics Linked to CASCADE

Cardiff University academics linked to centre and areas of research expertise

Mr Abyd Quinn Aziz, Lecturer, SOCSI – Family group conferences, service user participation.

Professor Amanda Coffey, SOCSI – Youth transitions, adoption.

Professor Andrew Pithouse, SOCSI  – Family support, child protection, social policy analysis.

Dr Anne Crowley, honorary fellow, SOCSI – Child participation, children’s rights, social policy.

Dr Dawn Mannay, Lecturer in Social Sciences (Psychology) – Creative research with children, young people and marginalised communities 

Professor Emma Renold, SOCSI – Inter-personal gender and sexual violence, childhood studies.

Dr Jeremy Segrott, Research Fellow, SOCSI – Family relationships, parenting, substance misuse prevention

Professor Joan Hunt (OBE), Honorary Professor, Cardiff Law School – Kinship care

Dr Julie Doughty, Lecturer, Cardiff Law School – Family courts and public law. 

Dr Katherine Shelton, Senior Lecturer, Psychology – Psychology, adoption, family functioning

Dr Kirsty Hudson,  Senior Lecturer, SOCSI, Sexual offending and sexual offenders, offender management.

Dr Sophie Hallett, Lecturer, SOCSI – Child sexual exploitation, communication with children in child protection.

Dr Teresa de Villiers, Senior Lecturer, SOCSI – Social work education and training, particularly children’s services.

Dr Thomas Slater, Lecturer, SOCSI – Mental health social work, suicide prevention, devolution and child neglect

Professor Wendy Rose, Honorary Fellow, SOCSI – Social policy and children’s social work, serious case reviews.