New evidence outlines Intensive Family Preservation Services effectiveness in preventing children from entering care

10 June 2019

The review by CASCADE, on behalf of What Works for Children’s Social Care, launched today What Works for Children’s Social Care (formerly the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care) today launches its latest report examining the evidence-base and

What is the point of child and family social work?

15 May 2019

A blog by Professor Donald Forrester An edited version of this blog was previously published by the NSPCC I came into social work to help people. Helping social workers to help people is still why I do my job, albeit through research and teaching. And

Evidence and values

12 April 2019

The name “evidence based practice” is misleading. Practice cannot and should not be based on evidence – if by that we mean that the evidence tells us what we should do.

Local authority ‘Schwartz Rounds’ partners announced

5 April 2019

Today that the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care has announced it will be working with six authorities to evaluate the effect of Schwartz Rounds on staff well-being.

The success of preventative interventions on children’s mental health

2 April 2019

In recent months the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care have published their appraisal of the evidence on whether interventions for children whose parents have mental health problems help prevent children from experiencing problems themselves.

‘Family and Community’ project launched

20 March 2019

The online resource hub aims to support families and communities Yesterday saw the launch of the Welsh Government funded ‘Family and Community’ project in Cardiff. The online hub features on the ExChange Wales website, a CASCADE project which disseminates research accessibly to those in the social care sector.

World Social Work Day 2019: The audacity of hope

19 March 2019

By Dr David Wilkins: Whether you are religious or not, the message that when we think we have nothing, we can still have hope, is a powerful one. As a social work researcher, one of the benefits is hearing many different stories about social work and my interest in the power of hope came from one such encounter.

What Works Centre publishes first CASCADE led research protocols

15 March 2019

Projects include Schwartz Rounds and Change Projects. Yesterday, the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care published its first research protocols, outlining the plans for all projects before work begins.

What skills make a difference?

4 March 2019

By Professor Donald Forrester: In the last blog I outlined why it is important to find out whether and how social work skills make a difference for families. Here I reflect on which skills made a difference in our study.

Does social work make a difference? And if so – how?

4 March 2019

By Professor Donald Forrester: Since I left social work practice to become an academic, almost 20 years ago, most of my research has been trying to find out what helps children and their families. Sad to say, this is rooted in a sense that I was often not particularly helpful to the people I worked with.

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