Doctoral Students

Current Doctoral Students


Gemma Allnatt                                                          

What contributes to the success of looked after young people in higher education              

Supervisors: Dr Alyson Rees, Dr Louise Roberts

Anya Barton (ESRC)                                                           

Adopted children’s experiences of school                  

Supervisors: Professor Amanda Coffey, Dr Louise Roberts

Andrea Cooper 

Investigating the experience of informal carers within the process of long term care admission: implications for social work practice

Supervisors: Dr Sara MacBride-Stewart, Dr Alyson Rees

Ed Janes

Caring Lives: What do young people who care for family members need to thrive? An empirical investigation

Supervisors: Professor Donald Forrester, GJ Melendez-Torres

Stephen Jennings (Welsh Government)

Development of Methodological Guidance for the Coproduction of Health Interventions: Targeting wellbeing in secondary schools to prevent mental health issues

Supervisors: Professor Simon Murphy, Dr Rhiannon Evans

Wahida Kent (NISCHR Welsh Government Social Care Academy)  

The invisible children: Black & Minority Ethnic children and young people with life-limiting illnesses

Supervisors: Professor Jonathan Scourfield, Dr Surhan Cam

Rachel Morris

The role of schools in supporting positive social relationships to improve school  engagement, wellbeing, and substance use outcomes among young people in care

Supervisors: Dr Graham Moore, Dr Honor Young

Claire Palmer (NISCHR Welsh Government Social Care Academy) 

Transitions to parenthood: the experiences of adopters of older children

Supervisors: Professor Amanda Coffey, Dr Alyson Rees

Rachel Parker 

Understanding the role of schools in students’ self-harming behaviours: Developing system-level prevention and intervention

Supervisors: Professor Jonathan Scourfield, Dr Rhiannon Evans

Maria Pournara

Police decision-making in tackling organized crime: exploring the influence of rationality and bias

Supervisors: Professor Martin Innes, Professor Michael M Levi

Alison Prowle

Is there an important role for the early years professional in designing and delivering early intervention to mitigate the effects of child poverty

Supervisors: Dr Dawn Mannay, Dr Alyson Rees

Hayley Reed

Development of methodological guidance for the coproduction of health and social care interventions

Supervisors: Professor Simon Murphy, Dr Rhiannon Evans

Kathryn Rhodes

Telling tales out of school: perspectives on being a lesbian teacher in the UK

Supervisors: Professor Amanda Coffey, V Walkerdine

Lucy Sheehan

Why Do More Children Enter Care in Wales? A Comparative Case Study of Two Local Authorities

Supervisors: Professor Donald Forrester, Dr Sara MacBride-Stewart

Lee Sobo-Allen (part-time PhD)

Child Protection, Children and their Non-Resident Fathers: A study into the expectations and motivations of non-resident fathers engaging with social services

Supervisors:  Professor Jonathan Scourfield, Dr Dawn Mannay,

Lucy Treby

Professional doctorate in social work

Supervisors: Professor Donald Forrester, Dr Sarah MacDonald

Rachel Waters 

The development of the recovery approach in community mental health teams:  A critical discourse analysis

Supervisors: M Arribas-Ayllon, S Stanley

Charlotte Whittaker 

Developing a theory of Motivational Interviewing for statutory child and family social work: How can MI be used to support effective conversations about risk?

Supervisors: Professor Donald Forrester,  T de Villiers

Emma Wildgoose

An Explorative Study of Working Parents, Working Cultures and Collaborative and Restorative Practices.

Supervisors: F Bowring, Dr Annie Williams

Zoe Wrigley 

An Analysis of Referrals and Outcomes for Young People at Risk of CSE

Supervisors: Professor Donald Forrester, Dr Sophie Hallett

Former Doctoral Students

Phil Smith (ESRC) 

Looked after children and experiences of alternative education settings

Supervisors: Dr Mark Connolly, Dr Alyson Rees