Current Projects

Child Welfare Inequalities in Wales: Practice and Prevention

To investigate the relationship between poverty and social inequality and child welfare interventions, such as children becoming ‘looked after’ or placed on the child protection register.

ExChange: Care and Education

This project works to establish an online “Community of Practice” to improve the developmental and educational outcomes for children in the early years in Wales.

ExChange: Family and Community

ExChange: Family and Community is an online “Community of Practice” resource hub that aims to provide resources that can help to support families and communities

Gwella: A national knowledge and practice hub preventing risk of child sexual exploitation and sexually harmful behaviours

Project aim is reduce the risk of vulnerable children and young people experiencing Child Sexual Exploitation or demonstrating Sexually Harmful Behaviour, through the development of a prevention model for use in Social Care.

Integrated Family Support Team

Working with a local team to consider how they could adapt their work with families to address couple conflict and domestic abuse.

Keeping Safe? An analysis of the outcomes of work with sexually exploited young people in Wales

To conduct an investigation into outcomes for children and young people ‘at risk’ of sexual exploitation, in order to meet vital gaps in knowledge.

Reflect: An evaluation of the Barnardos’ and Newport City Council Reflect Scheme

The primary aim of the Reflect project is to prevent women who have experienced the compulsory removal of a child from experiencing a repeat pregnancy in the short-term, whilst successive child removal remains the most likely outcome.

Restorative approaches veterans and families project

The study objectives are to discover whether supporting veterans and families using restorative approaches will improve family communication and relationships, improve family ability and confidence to recognize and resolve problems, have positive impact problems that triggered service use and build and refine a model of the new service pathway to guide a wider roll out of the service.

School for Social Care Research Wales

The Wales School for Social Care Research has been established to build capacity in social care research in Wales; it aims is to bridge the gap between academic research and social care services in Wales.

Social Work Fast Track Programmes: Tracking Retention and Progression

Aims to investigate the longer-term outcomes for Frontline Cohorts 1 to 5 and Step Up Cohorts 4 and 5. The key outcomes are employment destinations, rate of career progression and retention within child and family social work.

Talking Changes

This project will examine the roll-out and ongoing impact of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act (2014). It focuses on the voices and experiences of children and young people receiving care under the Act.

The SWIS Trial: an evaluation of school based social work

A Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) of an intervention which puts social workers into secondary schools across 21 English Local Authorities.

Understanding the higher education experiences of care-experienced young people in Wales: Towards a model of best practice

The primary aim of this research is to understand what Welsh Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are doing to improve access to, and success in, HE for care leavers (and care-experienced young people more broadly), and to assess the effectiveness of these activities in order to produce a model of best practice.

What Works Programme

The WWC is a major new government initiative seeking to improve outcomes for children and families, by reviewing, producing and making available for practitioners and senior leaders evidence about ‘what works’.