Completed Projects

A systematic map and synthesis review of child criminal exploitation

Building blocks 2-6

Caring Changes report

Child sexual exploitation policing knowledge hub

Children and young people’s experiences of gender 

Children in residential care in Wales

Children, young people and families using social work services in four UK cohort studies: patterns, outcomes and change

Dads Can evaluation 

Employing restorative approaches in family service provision: A more effective route to change

Evaluation of risks to children and young people who are educated at home

Evaluation of the frontline pilot social work training programme 

ExChange: a knowledge exchange hub building better social care in Wales

Fathers, social interventions and children’s well-being

Fostering wellbeing

Identifying and understanding inequalities in child welfare intervention rates: comparative studies in four UK countries 

Improving the educational experiences and attainment of looked after children and young people

Looked after children and education: Understanding the educational experiences and opinions, attainment, achievement and aspirations of looked after children in Wales

Looked-after children in Wales: An analysis of backgrounds of children entering public care

PACT visiting mum evaluation

Restorative approaches family engagement project

Secure accommodation

Self-Harm, suicide ideation and suicidal behaviours in looked-after children and young people: Incidence, prevalence and prevention

The children of ‘looked after’ children: Care outcomes and experiences

The TLC project: Social workers talking and listening to children

The Wales adoption cohort study

Trauma-Informed Approaches: Overview report

Understanding the role of social media in the aftermath of youth suicides

Young carers speak out