Law, Experience and Practice (LEAP) Meeting on 24th February 2017 (12 noon – 2 p.m.) In addition to a discussion about the aims of LEAP, Nicky Priaulx, Lydia Hayes, Steve Smith and scholars from the IMGAME team in SOCSI will briefly outline (and ‘pitch’) four key initiatives in which the involvement of actors across LEAP […]

Room 1.29 (Law Building) 30 November 2016 1 – 2 p.m. This short event brought together a range of actors from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences, as well as Welsh Government with the aim of connecting actors whose work centralises legal, ethical, social scientific, and policy […]

Author: David Riley (Tutor and PhD Candidate in the School of Law and Politics) The afternoon kicked off with a keynote address from Senior Lecturer at SOCSI and Deputy Director of the Social Data Science Lab, Dr Luke Sloane (@DrLukeSloane). Dr Sloane’s presentation on “Who Tweets? Representation on Twitter” focused upon the kind of information that […]

An Interdisciplinary postgraduate-led conference exploring how to engage with and utilise Twitter effectively for teaching, research and impact. Keynote speaker: Dr Luke Sloan, Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University and deputy director of the Social Data Science Lab. Who can attend: Postgraduate Researchers and Staff members welcome. Please sign up via the Eventbrite link: When: […]

The central subject-matter of this short Law Lab @ Cardiff workshop is Collaborative Interdisciplinary Practice. We seek to develop a better understanding of what collaborative interdisciplinarity means in practice and to explore the promise and perils attending this kind of work. At theoretical level, the case for working with others from other disciplines seems fairly […]

The Law Lab is hosting a cross-disciplinary workshop which explores ‘regulatory narratives’ around new and emerging technologies. Led by four theme leaders, Becky Dimond, Elen Stokes, Stijn Smismans and Bernadette Richards, the workshop centralises three distinctive contexts – nanotechnology, mitochondrial donation and the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill (also known as ‘the Saatchi Bill) […]

2016 W G Hart Legal Workshop Valuing Expertise: Legal, Normative and Social Dimensions CALL FOR PAPERS From expert evidence in the courtroom, to the use of scientific knowledge in the justification for, and framing of, legislation, law and science are inextricably intertwined. Yet the extent to which science is well represented in law has long […]

by Atina Krajewska GATTACA, premiered in 1997 and shown recently at a SciSCREEN event at Cardiff University (, depicts the world in not-too-distant future, in which genetic discrimination, segregation, and liberal eugenics are the unintended consequence of genetic screening technologies meant to assist human reproduction. Arguably, now that the not-to-distant future has arrived, the following […]

by Anna Grear • 26 March 2015 The discourse of ‘biocultural’ rights and the search for new epistemic parameters: moving beyond essentialisms and old certainties in an age of Anthropocene complexity? Journal of Human Rights and the Environment (JHRE) Editorial (Vol 6, Issue 1, 2015).  There can be little doubt of the multiple complexities facing law in the twenty-​first […]

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