About Us

Cesagene, the Cardiff Centre for Ethics and Social Aspects of Genomics and Epigenetics is the successor to Cesagen (the ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics). As such we build on long experience of multidisciplinary research, bringing together ethics and social science approaches to the analysis of biomedical science.

History of Cesagen

Between 2002 – 2013 Cesagen ran a diverse range of core and additional projects each offering a strong commitment to delivering an enhanced capacity for future research in the life sciences, with capacity building activities being integrated throughout our research agenda. Our multidisciplinary and world-leading research addressed the social, economic, ethical and policy factors that shape developments and broader knowledge in genomics and other life sciences.

The Researchers, numbering over 30 across the two sites during this time, encompassed those from a social sciences and humanities background working closely with life scientists, clinicians, policy actors, regulators and the wider public.

For information on Cesagen Phase 1 (2002 – 2007) please see this booklet, which provides a summary of our flagship projects and outlines the key findings from the research carried out.

For information on Cesagen Phase 2 (2007 – 2013), please see this document.

Cesagen has also undertaken research on genetics and crime, stem cells, science fiction and food security. Its knowledge transfer activity has included the sciSCREEN programme and policy engagement in many different contexts. Highlights from our impact activities can be found here. Further information can be found on the Cesagen Archive site