Cesagene People

Cesagene Director, Fellows and Students come from a number of disciplinary backgrounds, mainly focused on the social sciences. We collaborate extensively with our Associate members, colleagues based elsewhere at Cardiff University and beyond.

Cesagene Core Staff & Students

Mr. Tim Banks

Miss Sophie Davies

Dr. Rebecca Dimond, Research Fellow

Ms. Teresa Finlay

Professor Adam Hedgecoe, Cesagene Director

Dr. Alexandra Hillman, Research Fellow

Simon Read

Dr Neil Stephens, Research Fellow

Ms Heather Strange

Ms Lydia Harper

Cesagene Associates

Dr. Michael Arribas Ayllon, Cardiff School of Social Sciences

Professor Angus Clarke, All Wales Clinical Genetics Service

Dr Joan Haran,

Professor Joanna Latimer, Cardiff School of Social Sciences

Cesagen Affiliates

Professor Ruth Chadwick

Dr Jamie Lewis

Professor Peter Glasner

Dr Richard Watermeyer