Brain Mapping Seminars

15-Dec Silvia de Santis Cardiff University Exploring white matter microstructure using advanced diffusion at 7T
15-Dec Claudia Metzler Baddeley Cardiff University CSF Presentation: How do APOE e4 and body adiposity affect brain and cognition in midlife?
08-Dec Esther Warnert Cardiff University Development and application of perfusion MRI methods
08-Dec Niklas Ihssen Cardiff University Real-time fMRI neurofeedback as a treatment tool for alcohol dependancy
01-Dec Fani Deligianni UCL Inter-Subject Relationships of Brain Connectomes Across Modalities
24-Nov Michael Hornberger UCL Cortical and subcortical contributions to memory and orientation – a neurodegenerative lesion model approach
17-Nov Paul Mullins Bangor University Functional MRS – Measuring neural activity at the chemical level
10-Nov Kyle Pattinson Oxford University FMRI of the human brainstem breathing centres
3-Nov David Thomas UCL Getting more from ASL: advances in acquisition and post-processing methods
27-Oct Ilona Lipp Cardiff University Exploring the role of GABA concentration in fearfulness and in fear-related BOLD responses in the insula
20-Oct Loes Koelewijn Cardiff University Studying resting-state patterns in clinical groups using MEG (and a little fMRI)
13-Oct Karen Mullinger Nottingham University Simultaneous EEG-fMRI: Acquisition to application
06-Oct Dr Aidan Horner UCL Episodic memory, the hippocampus and pattern completion
29-Sep George Zacharopoulos Cardiff University CSF Presentation: Neural Mechanisms of Foraging: A social-cognitive experiment
29-Sep Tom Lancaster, Lisa Brindley Cardiff University Introduction to the 100 Brains genetic neuroimaging study
01-Sep Dr Tanya Evans Stanford University Intact Language Networks Support The Acquisition of Both Skilled Reading and Arithmetic
24-Jul Dr Ido Tavor Tel Aviv University Investigating short-term learning induced structural brain plasticity using diffusion MRI
16-Jun Helen Morgan Bangor University Brain mechanisms underlying cognitive control in working memory and decision-making
02-Jun Fred Wilson Pharmaceutical industry consultant The role of neuroimaging in reducing attrition in early CNS drug development
28-Apr Guy Williams Cambridge University Real-time fMRI in the Disorders of Consciousness patients
14-Apr Duncan McClaughlan Cardiff University CSF Presentation: Objective assessment of the neuropsychiatric symptoms in Huntington’s disease
07-Apr Flavia Niccolini Imperial College, London The role of phosphodiesterase 10A (PDE-10A) in early premanifest Huntington’s disease gene carriers
31-Mar Sue Francis Nottingham University Arterial spin labelling measures at ultra high field: developments and applications
24-Mar Dr M Misterioso & Dr I Silico Cardiff University Important news about the current CUBRIC and CUBRIC in the future
17-Mar Dr Rachel Thornton UCL EEG-fMRI: Imaging the Epileptic Network
10-Mar – CANCELLED Guido Orgs Brunel University Embodied Perception of Human Movement
3-Mar Charlie Stagg FMRIB, Oxford University The role of GABA in human motor plasticity
24-Feb Ian Driver Cardiff University Studying the haemodynamics underlying the BOLD signal
17-Feb Joe Whittaker Cardiff University Dynamic Causal Modelling for fMRI: exploring model space
3-Feb Leun J Otten UCL Getting ready to remember: individual differences in encoding-related and retrieval-related anticipatory brain activity
27-Jan James Rowe University of Cambridge MEG evidence of network reorganisation in the Pick’s disease complex