Brain Mapping Seminars

20-Apr-15 Benjamin Tendler Nottingham University Measuring variation in white matter microstructure using gradient echo imaging at 7T
13-Apr-15 Peter Uhlhaas Glasgow University Magnetoencephalography and neural oscillations in schizophrenia; a translational perspective
23-Mar-15 Stephen Hall Plymouth University Title to be confirmed
09-Mar-15 Jessica Steventon Cardiff University Title to be confirmed
02-Mar-15 Giando Iannetti UCL Avoiding pain: cortical responses to nociceptive stimuli and deceptive movements
23-Feb-15 Risto Kauppinen Bristol University Absolute T2 MRI of the Brain:  An update
09-Feb-15 Chris Chambers & David McGonigle Cardiff University Title to be confirmed
02-Feb-15 Declan Chard UCL Title to be confirmed
26-Jan-15 Andy Alexander University of Wisconsin Quantitative Imaging with Radial MRI