Brain Mapping Seminars

Seminars are held every Monday in term time at 12.10pm.

Generally, they will be held in the Hadyn Ellis Building (HEB) Lecture Theatre.

If stated otherwise, they will be in the CUBRIC Top Floor Seminar Room.



 Date  Location  Speaker  Institution  Talk Title
09-Oct-2017 HEB Falk Eippert University of Oxford Functional imaging of the human spinal cord in pain and beyond
23-Oct-2017 HEB Rhodri Cusack Trinity College Dublin Neuroimaging of the Emergence of Cognition in Infants and its Clinical Applications
30-Oct-2017 HEB Johanna Vannesjo University of Oxford Field matters – gradients, shims & B0 in ultra-high field neuroimaging
06-Nov-2017 HEB Sebastian Markett University of Bonn A network neuroscience of individual differences
13-Nov-2017 HEB Matthew Lambon-Ralph University of Manchester Semantic representation and its disorders
20-Nov-2017 CUBRIC Arjan Hillebrand VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam Disrupted directionality in diseased brain networks
27-Nov-2017 HEB Johanna Zumer University of Birmingham Asynchrony affects Multisensory Integration during Wakefulness and Sleep
04-Dec-2017 n/a No seminar No seminar No seminar
11-Dec-2017 HEB Esther Warnert Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Rotterdam The iGENE study: multi-parametric physiological MRI in non-enhancing gliomas
15-Jan-2018 HEB Tobias Wood King’s College London Myelin and Microstructure – What is actually in a Voxel?
29-Jan-2018 HEB Alex Casson University of Manchester Technologies for closed loop wearable EEG
05-Feb-2018 HEB Jon Shine German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases Investigating the mechanisms of spatial navigation in humans using fMRI
12-Feb-2018 HEB Sarah Garfinkel University of Sussex Hearts and Minds: Cardiac afferent signals guide emotion and memory
19-Feb-2018 HEB Chen Song CUBRIC Optimal brain size? Perceptual and functional consequences as the visual cortex gets larger or smaller
05-Mar-2018 HEB Alex Shaw CUBRIC Neurophysiologically informed modelling of effective and functional connectivity changes induced by NMDA and AMPA antagonism
12-Mar-2018 HEB Huiling Tan University of Oxford Subcortical LFPs for a Novel Framework of Brain Machine Interfacing
23-Apr-2018 HEB Carl Hodgetts CUBRIC Representational specialisations in the medial temporal lobe and beyond
14-May-2018 CUBRIC Marco Palombo UCL Non-Invasive brain tissue microstructure imaging using computational diffusion MRI and MRS
11-Jun-2018 CUBRIC Ryota Kanai University of Sussex Details to follow