Brain Mapping Seminars

Seminars are held every Monday in term time at 12.10pm.

Generally, they will be held in the Hadyn Ellis Lecture Theatre.

If stated otherwise, they will be in the CUBRIC Top Floor Seminar Room.

 Date  Location  Speaker  Institution  Talk Title
26-Sep-2016 CUBRIC  Claudia Wheeler-Kingshot  UCL ZOOM or not-ZOOM? Tricks with MRI for imaging small areas
3-Oct-2016 Hadyn Ellis  Umesh Rudrapatna  Cardiff (previously Yale) Magnetic field shaping with DIY gradient and shim hardware: What can it do for MR imaging?
10-Oct-2016 CUBRIC  Harald Mueller  MPI Leipzig Investigation of brain function by high-resolution mapping of cerebral blood volume and flow
17-Oct-2016 CUBRIC SR1  Sjoerd Vos UCL MR imaging and image processing in epilepsy treatment planning
24-Oct-2016 Hadyn Ellis  Leandro Belatrachini  Cardiff University Forward and inverse problems in neuroimaging: the cases of EEG and diffusion MRI
31-Oct-2016 CUBRIC  Chantal Tax  Cardiff University  Characterizing the sheet-like organization of the white matter with diffusion MRI
7-Nov-2016 CUBRIC  Paul Mullins  Bangor University  TBC
14-Nov-2016 Hadyn Ellis  Gareth Barnes  UCL  TBC
21-Nov-2016 Hadyn Ellis  Dan Gallichan Cardiff University  TBC
28-Nov-2016 Hadyn Ellis  Holly Rossiter  Cardiff University Sensorimotor oscillations in health and disease
5-Dec-2016 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC
23-Jan-2017 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC
30-Jan-2017 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC
6-Feb-2017 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC
13-Feb-2017 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC
20-Feb-2017 CUBRIC  TBC  TBC  TBC
27-Feb-2017 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC
6-Mar-2017 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC
13-Mar-2017 CUBRIC  TBC  TBC  TBC
20-Mar-2017 Hadyn Ellis Micah Allen UCL  TBC
27-Mar-2017 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC
3-April-2017 Hadyn Ellis  TBC  TBC  TBC