Brain Mapping Seminars

Our Brain Mapping Seminars and CUBRIC Scientific Forums take place on Mondays at 12.10pm in the CUBRIC Seminar Rooms

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title
 23-May-16  Ole Jensen  Radboud University  To be confirmed
 25-April-16  TBC
 18-April-16  TBC
 11-April-16  Penny Lewis  Cardiff University  To be confirmed
 14-Mar-16  George Stothart  University of Bristol  Evoked responses and resting state networks in early Alzheimer’s disease
 29-Feb-16  Ian Charest  University of Birmingham  The brain of the beholder: Honouring individual representational idiosyncrasies
 22-Feb-16  Ali Roula  University of South Wales  To be confirmed
 15-Feb-16  Jonathan O’Muircheartaigh  King’s College London  Mapping the functional and cognitive architecture of the brain using tractography
 08-Feb-16  David Carmichael  University College London  Moving away from ‘guessing state’ fMRI: Using EEG and fMRI to understand the origin of functional connectivity differences found in epilepsy
 01-Feb-16  Jon Brooks  University of Bristol  Imaging the human spinal cord – what can it tell us about pain?
 25-Jan-16  Chris Wright  University College London  The Mechanics of Ultrasound Neurostimulation


Other Seminars in the CUBRIC Seminar Rooms

Date & Time Speaker Institution Talk Title
12 noon
 Steffan Volz  University College London  Real-time fMRI: Neurofeedback applications and methods development
 Nikolaus Weiskopf  University College London  Towards in-vivo histology using MRI (hMRI)