Brain Mapping Seminars

Seminars are held every Monday in term time at 12.10pm. From Monday 14th March the Brain Mapping Seminars will be held in the Hadyn Ellis Building Lecture Theatre unless otherwise stated.

 Date  Speaker  Institution  Talk Title
 20-Jun-16*  Fredirico Villagra Povina  Aberystwyth University  Enhancing Neuroplasticity and Motor Control/Recovery with Exercise and TMS
 13-Jun-16  Casimir Ludwig  Bristol University  Control over fixation in active visual sampling
 06-Jun-16  Hantao Liu  Cardiff University  Medical image quality assessment
 23-May-16*  Ole Jensen  Radboud University  On the role of alpha and gamma activity for routing and prioritizing information processing
 16-May-16  Gregor Thut  University of Glasgow  Probing and manipulation of brain oscillations & associated functions by transcranial stimulation and EEG
 03-May-16  Anders Eklund  Linkoping University  Why fMRI inferences for spatial extent have inflated false positive rates
 18-April-16  Penny Lewis  Cardiff University  Exploring sleep’s impact on memory with targeted reactivation
 11-April-16  Matt Brookes  University of Nottingham  From signal detection to clinical application: an update on MEG in Nottingham
 04-April-16  Martyn McFarquhar  University of Manchester  Multivariate and repeated measures (MRM): A new toolbox for dependent and multimodal group-level neuroimaging data
 21-Mar-16  Out of Term
 14-Mar-16  George Stothart  University of Bristol  Evoked responses and resting state networks in early Alzheimer’s disease
 29-Feb-16  Ian Charest  University of Birmingham  The brain of the beholder: Honouring individual representational idiosyncrasies
 22-Feb-16  Ali Roula  University of South Wales  Brain Electrical Stimulation: Challenges and Opportunities for Research
 15-Feb-16  Jonathan O’Muircheartaigh  King’s College London  Mapping the functional and cognitive architecture of the brain using tractography
 08-Feb-16  David Carmichael  University College London  Moving away from ‘guessing state’ fMRI: Using EEG and fMRI to understand the origin of functional connectivity differences found in epilepsy
 01-Feb-16  Jon Brooks  University of Bristol  Imaging the human spinal cord – what can it tell us about pain?
 25-Jan-16  Chris Wright  University College London  The Mechanics of Ultrasound Neurostimulation

*Please note that on these days the Brain Mapping Seminar will be held in the CUBRIC 2nd floor seminar room.

Other Seminars in the CUBRIC Seminar Rooms

Date & Time Speaker Institution Talk Title
12 noon
 Steffan Volz  University College London  Real-time fMRI: Neurofeedback applications and methods development
 Nikolaus Weiskopf  University College London  Towards in-vivo histology using MRI (hMRI)
12 noon
 Ian Gilchrest  University of Bristol  The effect of reward and probability on saccadic and manual responses