Sleep Labs

CUBRIC incorporates a Clinical Research Unit (CRU) built to hospital standards and is integrated with the Clinical Research MRI Laboratory (Siemens 3T Prisma system) and the MEG laboratory. The co-location of advanced imaging and the CRU enables patient and pharmacological studies to be performed, promoting translational and clinical research studies in collaboration with the NHS, NISCHR and the pharmaceutical industry.

What is a Sleep Lab?

Research in our sleep labs focus upon functionality of the sleeping brain using a multimodal imaging approach including fMRI, cerebrovascular physiology and cognitive techniques
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Three consultation rooms are available – organised around a waiting room – for clinical examinations, and these incorporate dedicated links to NHS IT networks allowing patient notes to be recalled. The CRF is set up for sleep studies and participant observation where needed for pharmacological studies. The two-bed observation suite, with en-suite bathroom, has a nurses’ station. This is complemented by an overnight on-call room for a physician. The two sleep labs are furnished to a comfortable standard to encourage relaxation and each has an en-suite bathroom including a shower. A clinical treatment room supports pharmacological studies being performed in MRI and MEG. Further laboratories located near to the CRU support clinical studies including a physiology lab incorporating functional near infrared spectroscopy, wet lab facilities for sample processing and cognitive testing laboratories.