Neuroimaging Methods & Applications (MSc)

Our MSc in Neuroimaging aims to provide you with a critical understanding of the human brain using advanced neuroimaging tools and techniques. This programme, which welcomes graduates from a wide range of scientific backgrounds, gives you the opportunity to fully develop your understanding of the human brain through a range of innovative teaching and learning methods. Learn more about this programme here, including details on how to apply.

“The great thing about this course is that it gives you full access to a range of imaging techniques. Being in an environment where ground-breaking research is being carried out is important to me as the field of neuroimaging is evolving so quickly. The CUBRIC team are leaders in their field but are so approachable if I ever have any questions.”

– Catherine, MSc student

Reasons to study with us

  • In an independent assessment of UK universities (REF 2014), the University was ranked second for psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience.
  • As a student, you will be based at one of only a handful of research-dedicated centres in the world that contains multiple neuroimaging techniques in one building (fMRI, MRI, MEG, EEG, TMS, tDCS).
  • You will be taught by internationally-recognised experts with access to our specialised neuroimaging facilities.
  • You will gain a solid grounding in methodological and applied aspects of neuroimaging delivered via lectures, seminars and journal clubs.
  • You will study in an interdisciplinary environment with expertise spanning applied (psychology, psychiatry, neurology, neuroscience and genetics) and technical areas (physics, engineering and computer science) with teaching delivered by experts in the field.
  • The programme is an excellent preparation for a PhD in neuroimaging or a research position in a related field. The high level of analytical, evaluative and communicative skills gained would also be extremely useful for non-academic careers.
  • Each year Cardiff University funds PhD studentships for which the best MSc students can apply.

Learn more about the Master’s Excellence Scholarships here.