Student Profile: Lucy


Our MSc in Neuroimaging Methods & Applications appeals to students with a wide range of backgrounds.

Former student Lucy, who has now secured a place on a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, talks to us about her experience of the course and her reasons for undertaking the programme..


Why did you decide to study for an MSc in Neuroimaging?

There were a few different factors that drew me to the MSc – the main one being that throughout my Psychology undergrad, my attention was immediately grabbed whenever a neuroimaging study was cited in lectures. Its use in both clinical and healthy populations was definitely a branch of Psychology that interested me from day one. Also, by the end of my second year of undergrad study, I’d decided that I wanted to go on to apply for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; to do this I needed a good research background and a postgraduate degree. The MSc in Neuroimaging was a perfect way to get this research experience while studying something I was genuinely interested in.

What made you choose to study at Cardiff?

I’m originally from Cardiff, so I might be a bit biased, but I honestly think it’s a fantastic city to both live and study in. That, coupled with the fantastic facilities they have at CUBRIC and the ground breaking research they produce, was enough to make me jump at the chance to move back here to study.

What are your highlights from studying here?

A personal highlight was turning up to my first ever journal club and getting a taster of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) – sitting in front of a room full of your new coursemates while having your motor cortex stimulated is definitely an experience! I loved the whole environment at CUBRIC – everyone is so enthusiastic about their research and willing to help, even when you’re a brand new student there. The course also provided me with some friends for life and some people that I consider to be great mentors.

What effect has studying for an MSc in Neuroimaging had on your career and what are you doing next?

The MSc has had an overwhelmingly positive influence on my career path. I’m currently an Assistant Psychologist on a nationwide clinical trial, and I recently accepted a place on the incredibly competitive Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. The research experience that I gained through the MSc was invaluable in getting both of these positions.

What advice would you give to somebody considering studying for an MSc in Neuroimaging at Cardiff School of Psychology?

If you think it might be the course for you, go for it. You’ll be surrounded by world-class researchers and some of the best facilities in the UK. When you get there, go in with an open mind, and don’t panic if it seems like you’re over your head – it’s a steep learning curve for everyone because people come from a variety of different undergrad courses! (also don’t try to write your thesis in 10 days…)