Student Profile: Bethany


Find out what our MSc in Neuroimaging Methods & Applications is like from a student point of view.

Former student Bethany talks to us about her experience of the course, her reasons for undertaking the programme, and what she did next...


Why did you decide to study for an MSc in Neuroimaging?

I studied Psychology at undergrad and was always most interested in modules about the relationship between the brain and human behaviour. I knew that I ultimately wanted to continue onto a PhD but thought that an MSc in Neuroimaging would help me narrow down my ideas and find my niche as well as helping me to develop important skills.

What made you choose to study at Cardiff?

The facilities at CUBRIC are fantastic and I was drawn to the fact that it is one of only a handful of sites in the UK that houses MRI, MEG, EEG and TMS/tDCS in the same building. Cardiff’s also a great place to live since it has all the facilities of a city with a small town vibe.

What are your highlights from studying here?

The hands-on sessions in the first and second semester were a good introduction to the possibilities of neuroimaging at Cardiff Uni, and collecting my own project data helped to consolidate the training. The CUBRIC seminars also offered an interesting overview of current research from Cardiff, elsewhere in the UK and abroad. It’s a nice environment to be a part of because everyone is friendly and accommodating.

What effect has studying for an MSc in Neuroimaging had on your career and what are you doing next?

I wanted the MSc to help me focus my research interests and get a PhD place, and that’s exactly what I’ve done! I’m staying at Cardiff to pursue a PhD with funding from the MEG-UK partnership MRC grant.

What advice would you give to somebody considering studying for an MSc in Neuroimaging at Cardiff School of Psychology?

Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone. Since the course is geared towards people from a variety of academic backgrounds, the learning curve for everyone is pretty steep at some stage in the year. On the flip side, it’s rewarding when you realise how much you have learned in such a short space of time.

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