Our Funders

CUBRIC, Maindy Park is Cardiff University’s flagship project. The total cost of the project was £44 million which included the construction of the building as well as the specialist equipment housed within it.  Over £27 million of the cost of the project was provided by the following funders: 


Wellcome Trust

CUBRIC secured a £4.9 m Strategic Award from the Wellcome Trust entitled ‘Multi-Scale and Multi-Modal Assessment of Coupling in the Healthy and Diseased Brain’. We are currently working on delivering a step change in understanding the human brain through integrated characterisation of brain coupling over multiple domains. This will transform our understanding of the working brain and guide approaches aimed at remedial action when normal coupling is disturbed. The award brings together academics from Cardiff, Nottingham and Oxford Universities, and provides funding for 11 Senior Postdoctoral Fellowships.

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Through the MRC’s Clinical Research Infrastructure Initiative CUBRIC has secured £6.7M, including £3.4M from the Welsh Government for ultra-high field (7 Tesla) human MRI. This is being used to investigate brain diseases including dementia, schizophrenia, other mental health conditions and neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Huntington’s disease. Through the same initiative CUBRIC received a further £0.8M funding contribution from Dementias Platform UK for a new advanced 3 Tesla neuro-focused MRI system.

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Thanks to the support of a £3m Strategic Equipment Award from the EPSRC, CUBRIC houses a ‘National Facility for In Vivo MR Imaging of Human Tissue Microstructure’. This project, led by a national multi-disciplinary team of physicists, engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians, has established a globally-unique hardware platform to enable the development of a new measurement science, redefining the MRI scanner as a truly quantitative microstructural measurement tool.

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The Wolfson Foundation

The Wolfson Foundation awarded Cardiff University a £1M infrastructure award to support the establishment of the advanced MR Microstructure imaging facility. This complements the award of £2.9M from EPSRC to support the purchase of this specialised MR scanner and associated equipment for this world-leading facility. The application was led by Krish Singh (Psychology) and Sarah Price (Development and Alumni Relations).

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The Welsh Government

In October 2013 the Welsh Government Department for Economy, Science and Transport awarded £6M of funding towards the development of the Maindy Road Park Campus, in which CUBRIC is located. The objectives of CUBRIC are aligned with those set out in the Welsh Government’s Policy statement for Higher Education, including the following priorities;

  • interact with businesses to stimulate innovation and economic growth
  • work to enhance the employability of all graduates, whatever their age, background or course of study
  • make best use of opportunities to exploit new technologies
  • strive to provide the highest quality learning experience to all those with the potential to benefit
  • develop the sector’s reputation for excellence in research
  • develop more flexible models of provision to build a more successful and sustainable future.


European Regional Development Fund

In June 2015, the CUBRIC project was awarded £4, 578,474 from the European Regional Development Fund, through the Welsh Government, towards the construction of the building. The funds seek to support growth in the Welsh economy and help attract further investment to position Wales as a global leader in ground breaking research and innovation.