Ignite 2012 – 24 hours to make a profit!

The Ignite programme offers you the chance to become more enterprising, creative, employable and learn more about setting up a business. Using the model of business start-up as a vehicle for enterprise skills development, the programme aims to cultivate innovative individuals who can spot opportunities, tackle problems and work out original and inventive ways to change things for the better.

The event is designed to offer participants a range of experiences and benefits relevant to their professional development. Areas addressed during the programme will include:

• The role of networking
• Techniques for sound communication
• Differences between traditional and social businesses
• Team working skills
• Creative thinking skills
• Appreciate different ideas
• Strategic thinking
• Decision making skills
• The importance of marketing
• Pitching, presentation and negotiation techniques
• The initial challenges of going to market

Ignite is a Welsh Government funded intensive programme which has experienced year on year success. It is a joint collaboration between Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Glamorgan, University of Wales, Newport and Cardiff University. Fifteen students from each institution attend Ignite, providing a unique opportunity to work with participants from different institutions in this innovative and exclusive context.
Ignite utilises a variety of teaching and learning methods to develop the skills and abilities of participants. Some highlights of the week include workshops on creative thinking skills, tips surrounding personal projection and control, workshops delivered by local entrepreneurs and speakers discussing a range of relevant issues including the hot topic of social enterprise.

Ignite culminates with a 24 hour business challenge. Students will pitch for their seed money in a tough Welsh Dragons Den. The challenge involves going out into the city of Cardiff to put what has been learnt to the test through various negotiation and selling techniques. Participants will be challenged to develop and implement a business idea from scratch, with the aim of making a profit within one day!

What do students say about Ignite?

We had sessions aimed at teaching us how to devise an effective market strategy, after which teams had to give mock pitches for the various creative but fictitious business enterprises each team came up with. It was clear at the end of all these activities that they were carefully devised to teach us various aspects of starting a business, in a way that was fun and unforgettable…we all had so much fun.
David Kemmer Amoda

I decided to stay in Cardiff for an extra week (and a bit) to take part in Ignite 2010. The event is set up by Cardiff Universities with Glamorgan, UWIC and Cardiff Uni students attending. And I will say now that it has been one of the best experiences of my life so far.
Adam Rush

Thanks everyone (especially the organisers) that was a brilliant week, definitely my best experience of Uni so far!
Symon Irving

The event runs from 5pm Thursday 1st March to Sunday 4th March.
For more information please visit www.ignite2012.co.uk or email enterprise@cardiff.ac.uk

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