iSolve Mission Statement

iSolve will bring together inter-disciplinary teams of post graduate students and research staff who will use their ingenuity and innovation skills to research and identify commercial opportunities for breakthrough technologies being developed in Cardiff University. They will gather information and carry out analysis in order to make their best recommendations for taking the technology to market. iSolve is for everyone, not just for technology or business students, it’s about bringing together different skill sets to find the best solution for real-life projects.

The key aims of iSolve

  • To engage the innovative and entrepreneurial ideas of teams to inform real technology developments for the University
  • To develop new skills for participants which will help them in their future career including team work, interpersonal skills and decision making

How iSolve works

  • Interested individuals apply to be included in an iSolve project
  • Teams will be selected for each project; about 7 participants from different disciplines per team
  • Each iSolve team will have a Principle Investigator from the project to help them plus they will be guided by the iSolve Programme Directors and a mentor from industry
  • Each iSolve session will run for 9 weeks and during the course of the project, teams will meet once per week to explore, analyse and identify solutions. Read more about the schedule.
  • Between weekly meetings teams will carry out other research and an important part of this will be meeting with potential target customers and other people who will provide valuable information
  • The weekly meetings will include presentations from relevant people who can help direct the research for example Patent Attorneys and Project Managers
  • There will be the opportunity during the 8 weeks for steams to do an interim presentations to get feedback on the progress of their work
  • At the end of the project each team will present their findings in the form of a written report plus a group presentation and there will be an award for the best solution.

iSolve is financed through the EPSRC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship training funds and Welsh Assembly Government Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy.

For enquiries about iSolve and how to apply contact Student Enterprise on +44 (0)29 2078 1442 or email enterprise@cardiff.ac.uk