The next iSolve programme will start in October/November 2013

APPLY NOW: iSolve Application Form 2013

Contact us to find out more about iSolve and how it can benefit you.

As part of the application process we’ll ask you to rank the projects available in your order of preference. Our new projects are now on the website and are available to view.

Each successful applicant will be assigned to a specific project team. Please indicate your project preference where indicated on the form. We will endeavour to meet your preferences as often as possible, but please be aware that this may not always be feasible and you may not be able to work on your preferred project. However, the iSolve process is the same regardless of the project, so all participants will have the opportunity to experience iSolve for themselves.

Successful applicants will be selected on the basis of the information submitted including personal strengths and qualities and reasons for applying for iSolve. We will try to ensure all teams have participants from a range of subject backgrounds.

To Apply for a place – Please download and complete: Application Form_2013