iSolve Schedule

  • Teams usually meet every Wednesday for from 5.30-7pm. The evening will usually commence with a speaker for about 20 to 30 minutes then teams break out into their individual groups for their own team work. Times on the schedule are indicative of speaker times.
  • All team members are expected to attend the Wednesday sessions. We invite external speakers from outside the university who give up their time for no fee; we would be unable to continue the programme without their support so please make sure you attend.
  • Each team will be allocated a mentor for support and guidance. Again they give up their time for no cost so it is important to make use of their skills and experience by attending the sessions
  • Teams will be expected to carry out work outside the Wednesday sessions – this is left up to the groups to organise in a way that ensures they complete the project. Previous participants estimate about an additional 3-4 hours per week is required
  • An indicative schedule is provided below – please note that the specific order or content may change depending on when speakers are available.
-1 25/09/13 & 11/10/2013 Opening Evening Learn more about the iSolve processes
1 20/11/2013 Induction to iSolve Process Case Studies, iSolve mission, team meetings and roles within team. Rules, Deadlines, handbook explanations, NDA collections, information exchange
2 27/11/2013 PI Presentations & Meet your TTO Hear presentations from Researchers, break-out rooms, Q&A with researchers and Tech Transfer Officer
Optional: Friday AM – 29/11/13 Trip to researchers lab Go to the researchers place of work, more Q&A, more in depth explanations
3 04/12/2013 How to Analyse Market Opportunity Look at methods of market research, resources available, samples of research reports. Difference between users and buyers. How to think about what technology does now and what it could do in the future. Case Studies
4 11/12/2013 IP Protection Relationship of universities to industry, rules guiding commercialisation and technology transfer. Case Studies
Optional: Friday AM – 13/12/13 Considerations for the interim presentations
5 08/01/2013 Team Time / Discussion surgery
Optional Friday AM: 10/1/14 Presentation skills What makes a good business presentation? Presenting to different audiences, slide content. Tips and Tricks
6 15/01/2014 Interim Presentations Team to present their finding and considerations so far. Refer to Handbook for key topics to cover
7 22/01/2014 Commercial analysis – de-risk and next steps Whats plan B? What information can reduce/define risk? What are the next steps for the project?
29/01/2014 Team Time / Discussion surgery
8 05/02/2014 Trial presentation to Mentors and PI Give your final presentation a final polish before presenting to the judges.
9 12/02/2014 Team Time / Discussion surgery
FRIDAY: 14/02/2014 Submission of report
10 19/02/2014 Final Presentations, Interim Awards and Review

Please note this schedule is subject to change