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Certificate of Personal Development in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Cardiff University Enterprise award points for attendance and participation in Enterprising events considered as:

  • Projects: Events which last more than one day.
  • Practice: Workshops or short events which develop enterprise skills or awareness.
  • Networking: Events that engage others and allow encourage relationship building.
  • Speakers: Events that consist of a guest speaker lecturing.

The more events that students attend, the more points they accumulate.

Points are awarded according to the amount of involvement and effort required from the student. A breakdown of points available by individual event are available on our Events page

As more events are added, they will be allocated within this system. Awards are allocated on point level boundaries which relate directly to the award achieved.

  • Advanced Certificate: 150 Points or more
  • Certificate: 80 Points or more

To collect points you must:

  • Pre-register for our events.
  • Sign-in on the register at our events.
  • Arrive no later then 10 minutes afer the advertised start of the event.
  • Complete a feedback form following our events.

We then track your progress and award points for each event you’re confirmed to have attended. Every three months we will send an email to you with your points total.

Points mean prizes!

Projects Points
Innovation Challenge 20
UBC 40
IGNITE (Attend 4) 45
Concept (Attend 3) 40
SPARK Entry 45
iSolve* (Attend 7) 95
SPARK Shortlist Top-up 50
Buisness Start Up Week (attend 5) 40

To book event visit:

Networking Points
Ducktohunt 10
Launch 10
Social 1 10
Social 2 10
Social 3 10
Film Night 10

To book event visit:

Speakers Points
Confessions 1 15
Confessions 2 15
Confessions 3 15
Phone Box Millionaire 15

To book event visit:

Practice Points
Workshop 1: Introduction to the Entrepreneurial You 10
UBC Shortlist workshop 10
Workshop 2: How to Assess a Good Idea 10
Workshop 3: How to Find Your Market 10
Workshop 4: How to Market Your Product 10
Workshop 5: Effective use of Social Media 10
Save the Music 10
Workshop 6: Financial Planning 10
Christmas Market 20
Enterprising Researcher 10
Workshop 7: Business Planning Process 10
Workshop 8: Understanding Sales 10
Workshop 9: Product Development Process 10
Workshop 10: How to Commercialise Technology-Based Ideas 10
Workshop 11: Reaching a Global Market 10
Workshop 12: Social Enterprise 10
Workshop 13: Understanding Welsh Government Grants & Funding 10
Workshop 14: Freelancing for Creatives 10
PLUS extra points for completing Enterprise Catalyst 10

Any attendees that are later than 10 minutes to the start time of any of our activities will not be granted admission to room. This is a business acumen education, and reputation protection measure to ensure an undisrupted class environment, and essential in keeping our sessions to a high standard and professional nature. It will also allow us to help attract high quality speakers in the future. Advanced written warning of late attendances are appreciated, but all attendees must arrive prior to or during the ten-minute window.

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