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Embedded Enterprise & Employability Exchange 03.12.14

Wednesday 3rd December, 12.45-14.45, Council Chamber, Main Building

The Exchange aims to bring together academics to share knowledge and explore opportunities for advancing teaching in a way that contextualises attribute and skill development for enterprise and employment.  For this next instalment of the Exchange we are focusing in on two case examples where students will be available to outline their own experience of being taught using a modern pedagogic approach.

Dr Jacqui Mulville and a student from the School of History, Archaeology & Religion will outline a module where students develop personal attributes by communicating heritage to a wide audience.  Again, accompanied by a student, Dr Vincent Knight from the School of Mathematics will offer an insight into the structure and development of a module that advances coding skills and additionally offers a basic insight into innovation and commercial awareness.

Colleagues from across the institution can expect to; Continue reading

The Embedded Enterprise Exchange

New: The Embedded Exchange, 3rd December 12.45, Council Chamber, Main Building [register]

From the essence of our graduates being able to make ideas happen, Cardiff University Enterprise aim to support the development of contextualised discipline led enterprise related attributes, so that students’ can go on to make a difference.  Cardiff University Enterprise offers specialist curriculum development support for the embedding of attributes associated with enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Enterprise has a connection to employability, innovation, commercialisation, knowledge transfer and business start-up and therefore can be considered a graduate attribute.  Enterprise can be linked to a range of intellectual, emotional and social skills that allow for the application of creative ideas and innovations.  It can include ideas development, taking the initiative, critical thinking, identifying opportunities, innovation, problem solving, making things happen, networking, communication, strategic thinking and decision making.  Graduate attributes associated with enterprise link to a learner’s capacity for innovative thinking.  Enterprise often involves a sense of ‘practical action’, whereas entrepreneurship is more readily associated with business venture creation.

The strategy adopted by Cardiff University Enterprise is not to bolt-on, but to work with academics to contextualise enterprise for their own discipline.  In this way the attributes developed have a relevance to the discipline, can allow for advanced subject understanding and appear to gain strong student feedback.

Embedded Enterprise & Employability Exchange | register now

Colleagues from across the institution can expect to;
• Recognise new approaches to enterprise and employability education
• Outline ideas for embedded attribute development
• Develop ideas for advancing one’s own teaching for attribute development
• Consider the practical concept of contextualising skills for deeper learning and employability

Colleagues from across our institution are supplementing knowledge based teaching with attribute development approaches that allow students’ to identify opportunities, develop ideas, become problem solvers and critical thinkers who go on to make a difference.  The Exchange aims to bring together academics to share knowledge, and explore opportunities for advancing teaching that develops a capability to be more enterprising and innovative.

  • 3rd December 2014 | 4th February 2015 | 13th May 2015
  • Council Chamber, Main Building
  • 12.45-14.45pm [lunch from 12.45pm; start time 1pm]

Each of the dates will open by briefly outlining the current drivers before moving to the presentation of an active example from those involved.  The latter part of the session will offer a practical opportunity to gain insight in to developing one’s own curricula. Each of the dates will offer a different case example outlined by an academic, and where possible, the students who are the recipients of the advanced learning approach.


Total Immersion – Enterprise & Employability Module

A few months ago we mentioned the a brand new module coming to you from the Enterprise Team.

Total Immersion will be beginning this semester, with the first session taking place from the 29th September for a duration of 12 weeks. The module is aimed at developing and enhancing your enterprising traits and overall employability skills; in building on those core and soft skills every employer will be looking for.

The module itself is a 10 credit standalone module and one that is open to 1st and 2nd year students on certain degree programmes.  If you are interested in finding out more and enrolling, please take a look at the information below and get in touch with Jay Begum at or just pop into our office at the Student Union.  

We will be running this module again in the spring semester and there will be more information to follow in due course.

NOTE:  List of eligible programmes can be found below.  This module only has 20 spaces so if you are interested, we recommend you enrol soon as it will be operating on a first come first serve basis. 

Programme Checklist

Total Immersion Brochure

Module Flyer for Freshers







Enterprise and Innovation in the Curriculum Forum – 20th May 2013

An academic discussion group

Monday 20th May 2013; Glamorgan Building 0.85

Academic members of staff are actively encouraged to attend the second forum of its kind to share practice in the area of enterprise and innovation in the curriculum.  An outline of the agenda is detailed below, but will include research/policy drivers, feedback from a related Russell Group forum and a case example from the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences.

It is recognised that colleagues from across the University are advancing the agenda of applying student learning so that graduates become innovative critical thinkers who are able to solve problems and make real decisions.  During February 2013 a meeting for academics with an interest in enterprise and innovation in the curriculum was hosted by Cardiff University Enterprise.  During the meeting a consensus was reached to establish an informal peer to peer networking group to share and build on practice.  The aim is to bring together academics from a diverse range of disciplines to exchange knowledge, collaborate and explore new opportunities that can be advanced through enterprise education.  It is hoped that the active participants from the first session will again be able to attend, with the addition of new staff members, particularly early career academics and those with a teaching and learning portfolio.

Monday 20th May; Glamorgan Building 0.85
 Buffet lunch available in advance of meeting
13.00 Related publications & feedback from Cardiff University hosted Russell Group Forum
13.20 Case example: Dr Emma Kidd School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
13.35 Sharing of practice – a round table discussion
14.25 Round up of key discussions
14.30 Close

To confirm your attendance contact Neil Coles (

Notes from first academic forum for enterprise/innovation in the curriculum: Academic Forum-Enterprise or Innovation in the Curriculum (Meeting Notes)