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Christmas Market a Success!

The annual Christmas Market kicked off this year’s festive cheer last Tuesday in Y Plas. This is the first year we’ve held the market in this brand new club, and with the skylight open the atmosphere was bright and festive. We had 15 stalls exhibiting a variety of goods, from cakes and cookies, to handmade jewellery, with some stalls making a profit of up to £300!

From Cardiff with LoveMachu Picchu


This was one of our best markets to date, with more enterprising students coming forward with their fantastic products than ever before, to raise money for their own businesses, groups and charities. We had representatives there Sophiapot ShopVictorias Christmas Craftsfrom the Aberdare Hall Charity groups, a fundraising project for Worldwide Cancer Research, and students who used their crafting abilities to make great decorations and jewellery from recycled products.


The Market is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to raise money for charity with unique wares, or kick-start their business ideas, for the small fee of just £5 a stall, and the chance to sell to other students! And best of all, this small fee goes into a prize fund, so students can vote for their favourite stall, with voters entered into a prize draw to win some money themselves.

Phoenix Projects                                                                                The winner of the grand prize for Best Stall was Moli Griffin (pictured left), who was running her stall, The Phoenix Projects, in aid of an educational programme in Guatemala. Moli gained an additional £60 for her great cause!

The winning voter this year was Edward Ludlow, who opted for his £15 cash prize to go to charity, to spread the Christmas cheer.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Markets or taking part next year, then email us on

Total Immersion – Enterprise & Employability Module

A few months ago we mentioned the a brand new module coming to you from the Enterprise Team.

Total Immersion will be beginning this semester, with the first session taking place from the 29th September for a duration of 12 weeks. The module is aimed at developing and enhancing your enterprising traits and overall employability skills; in building on those core and soft skills every employer will be looking for.

The module itself is a 10 credit standalone module and one that is open to 1st and 2nd year students on certain degree programmes.  If you are interested in finding out more and enrolling, please take a look at the information below and get in touch with Jay Begum at or just pop into our office at the Student Union.  

We will be running this module again in the spring semester and there will be more information to follow in due course.

NOTE:  List of eligible programmes can be found below.  This module only has 20 spaces so if you are interested, we recommend you enrol soon as it will be operating on a first come first serve basis. 

Programme Checklist

Total Immersion Brochure

Module Flyer for Freshers







Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter Interview:

My husband, who is always using the YouTube app on our television to watch silly videos, surprised me by playing this interview whilst we had our breakfast this morning. Not only is the story of Twitter and Square extremely inspiring and interesting, I thought Jack Dorsey came across as very down to earth and had some great advice for entrepreneurs.

I always like hearing about how founders of large companies got their initial ideas and how they decided on names. Turns out Twitter started out as Jitter but after learning that Twitter actually means, ‘short bursts of inconsequential information,’ Jack decided on Twitter.  If you have a spare 27 minutes and 8 seconds, I would recommended watching this, it’s not inconsequential information for anyone looking to do something innovative.

15 things I wish I had known before starting University:

It’s almost 10 years ago to the day that I went off to University as a wide eyed 18 year old. Here are some of the things I wish that people had told me before starting.

  1. You have to study every day. The first time you drink a gallon of Red Bull in order to pull an all-nighter of studying and then are unable to sleep for three days straight, you will wish you had put forth a bit more effort in the weeks leading up your exam/essay deadline etc.
  2. You have to learn how to budget your money. Sponges, socks, washing up liquid etc. no longer just appear as if by magic, you have to buy them yourself.
  3. Everyone is just as eager to meet new people and make friends as you.
  4. It’s the only time in your life where you will have 24/7 access to your friends. Try planning a night out with your friends in your late 20s, you need at least two months advanced warning. It’s terrible.
  5. Get to know your lecturers and professors as they can be really interesting and helpful people.
  6. Eat healthy, you will gain weight!
  7. You can book rooms in the library to study in. This will come in handy when your flatmates decide to take up new hobbies like DJ-ing.
  8. Get as much work experience as possible. Doing a placement year, volunteering or having a part time job will set you apart from the crowd when it’s time to apply for a job.
  9. Do not put everything on Facebook or other social media sites. Images that reflect you in a poor light will follow you no matter how hard you try to get rid of them.
  10. Learn how to cook simple dishes. It’s so much cheaper than eating out!
  11.  Invest in a good pair of walking shoes or get to know public transport; spending money on taxis is just silly.
  12. Use the resources available to you. The Enterprise Office, the Careers Office, Student Support Services etc. are all there for you to take full advantage of and can offer some really great advice.
  13. Just because you’re friends with someone does not mean you can live with them. Choose your flatmates wisely. 
  14.  Give your liver a break. Drinking to excess is not a good idea. You act stupid and you wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. No matter how lame it sounds, moderation can be quite fun.
  15. Learn love to change. Once you go off to University your friends and family, even your hometown, will change and so will you. It’s much better to enjoy the path you’re going down and be excited about change than to resist or fear it.
Too Many Saucepans?

5 Things I wish I’d known before starting University

I’ve been asked to write a post contemplating my first days at University (now rather a distant memory) and the things which would have been useful to know before I started, so I could have avoided wasting time and money and make the most of my 3 years there.

So a few of my suggestions to think about as you prepare for University

1)      Indulge your interests or discover a new one

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Going to University: What I Wish I’d Known

Oh how I wish I was back in 2005 and getting ready to go to University! Here’s 15 tips for making the best of your University experience. For those of you who get your results today – make the most of your time ahead!

1. Making friends is natural.

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Brain Storms

Thursday Thought: An Innovation Mindset


A provoking article I read last week by Pete Flint, CEO of where he ponders the idea of teaching ourselves an innovative mindset. Interesting.

Ever wondered how Steve Jobs or any other innovative individual or inventor comes up with ideas? There’s significant reason to believe that they’re not born with such a skill. Instead it’s who they’re surrounded by, their attitudes and what they’ve learnt.

A mindset is a way of thinking, way of approach or just an outlook. In this case in creativity and maximizing potential from whatever resource they come across – whether that be technology, people, theories or ideas.

Can it be taught? Yes.

If we can teach ourselves to be innovative, creative and see opportunity in our everyday – perhaps we should take the initiative to not only go to the seminar and learn about creative things – but actually go out and apply it until the light bulb/eureka moment happens.

If you don’t think of yourself as creative or think of yourself as an inventor or innovator then perhaps you should fake it until you make it – or you could come along to our innovation labs and become more innovative through actually putting these ideas into practice and learning about the thought process and how to put it into practice.

Innovation and enterprise is about “doing” and actually making something of your idea or seizing the opportunity you see. If the CEO of a major US group sees it’s importance perhaps it’s worth investigating.