Curriculum showcase

This page highlights enterprise education occurring within Cardiff University degree programmes:

Cardiff University School of Biosciences

_MG_3601“The module has allowed me to appreciate both the scientific and business aspects of my degree and resulted in a drastic improvement in my ability to present, work as part of a team and exhibit initiative and leadership qualities. The course has also dealt with real-life business examples allowing me to gain hands on, practical experience of problems within the bio-business sector. In addition the module has broadened my career opportunities and highlighted prospective career pathways that I was previously unaware of.” – An extract from the case study write up of the Biotechnology and Business module which was recently implemented within the Biotechnology programme at Cardiff University.

Cardiff University School of Optometry & Vision Sciences

Feedback being given during a Cardiff University Optometry and enterprise session.“a business strategy game that simulates the founding and development of a business whilst fostering creativity, communication, decision making, team collaboration and business planning skills. . . students were provided with a brief scene setting scenario which challenged them to generate business strategy and plans for founding and developing a new private optometry practice” – An extract from the case study write up of the recent Optometry enterprise session.


Cardiff University School of Chemistry

image-154357-web“At the time of commencing the business module, I was confused as to the relevance that enterprise and commercial awareness had on my chemistry degree . . . It soon became apparent that in the post –degree economic working environment, a knowledge and awareness of commercialisation would stand me in good stead for any career path I choose to follow.”– An extract from a piece of student writing which reflects upon the relevance of the recent Chemistry enterprise education sessions. The full case study is available here.