International Students

Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa

Cardiff University is delighted to be able to support our graduates with the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa.

What is the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa?

This UKBA scheme is open to non-EEA graduates who have outstanding business idea to put into practice in the UK. Cardiff University has been allocated a set of General Endorsements which can be allocated until 5 April 2017.

How to apply for endorsement from Cardiff University

For more information on the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur please click here. You can also visit the UK Visa & Immigration Agency website by following the link.

 When you should apply

The scheme is now open for application and will run until 5 April 2017

Endorsement Panel Sessions for the year is scheduled to take place on the following dates

  • Thursday 30th June 2016
  • Friday 29th July 2016
  • Wednesday 31st August 2016
  • Friday 30th September 2016
  • Monday 30th October 2016
  • Wednesday 30th November 2016
  • Tuesday 28th February 2017

Please note these scheduled dates depend on the number of adequate plan submissions received and as such may change, postponed or cancelled.

Submission of all adequate plans must be made 2 weeks before the panel dates for the panel date you are applying for.

Please allow at least 3 months before your visa is due to expire to start the application process

Summary of application process

  • Complete a Business Description & Consent Form and return to
  • Cardiff University will get in touch to arrange meeting if local
  • Submit a Business Plan to Cardiff University Enterprise
  • Get invited to a panel session if your submitted plan is adequate
  • Get outcome of panel session
  • Referred to Student Services for application support to UKVI


Please get in touch with us for more information or further questions