Inspiring Enterprise Week Events Fund

Enterprising Events Fund – up to £200 to support an enterprising event or activity

Inspiring Enterprise Week gives you the opportunity to gain funding to run your own event to encourage others to be enterprising or to develop enterprise and innovative skills.

Enterprise is about spotting a problem or identifying a need, seizing the opportunity and putting ideas into practice. Enterprise is about more than simply having ideas: it is about the subsequent action and making those ideas happen.

Examples of events which you might like to run

  • Innovative marketing campaigns – targeting a specific target market for your society or event
  • Guest speaker events – invite an entrepreneur to speak to your society
  • Networking and skills brokering events: what skills do your society have that might be valued by others?
  • Partnerships with the local community or social enterprise – how can your society help?
  • Using your member’s skills to raise money for a local or national cause in an innovative way.

This list is not exhaustive and we will consider any activity which gives students the opportunity to seize an opportunity and put their ideas into practice.

What we’re not able to fund (sorry!)  The following costs will not be eligible

  •                 Purely social events
  •                 Alcoholic Drinks
  •                 International Travel
  •                 Clothing
  •                 Cash prizes
  •                 Academic related costs

Any costs requested for food or non-alcoholic drinks or non-cash prizes will need to be justified in the context of the wider activity.