Start-Up & Skills Development Workshops


Develop practical business skills which you can use to start a new venture or simply develop commercial awareness by learning how businesses work to impress a potential employer.

These workshops offer a range of learning opportunities outside the curriculum and offers opportunities to enable you to consider and develop an understanding of what it means to be enterprising / entrepreneurial.

Some of our workshops are delivered by Business In Focus and funded by the Welsh Government to help you start a new venture or learn more about how businesses work to impress a future employer.

The sessions are designed to offer an opportunity to develop skills in areas like business planning, marketing & sales, e-commerce, business finance, pitching & presentation and negotiation. These programmes will help you;

  • be prepared to develop a wide portfolio of work and life skills
  • think of multiple different ways to create income
  • learn transferable skills and work in different contexts
  • develop, apply and reflect on your enterprise skills in a range of contexts
  • develop and reflect on your capabilities in the areas of enterprise, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Please click HERE for listing of workshops and how to register. Our calendar of events also offers more information on ALL our current and upcoming programmes and how to register. The workshops will allow you to accumulate points towards an Enterprise Certificate.