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Marketing Assistant Wanted

A Cardiff University Graduate business is looking for a Marketing assistance with passion and flare. Candidates should be social media savvy and have an entrepreneurial outlook to help the growth of the business.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get hands on experience with a young passionate company, working an exciting industry, and across a number of disciplines.

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Too Many Saucepans?

5 Things I wish I’d known before starting University

I’ve been asked to write a post contemplating my first days at University (now rather a distant memory) and the things which would have been useful to know before I started, so I could have avoided wasting time and money and make the most of my 3 years there.

So a few of my suggestions to think about as you prepare for University

1)      Indulge your interests or discover a new one

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Going to University: What I Wish I’d Known

Oh how I wish I was back in 2005 and getting ready to go to University! Here’s 15 tips for making the best of your University experience. For those of you who get your results today – make the most of your time ahead!

1. Making friends is natural.

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Founders Conf   The conference for entrepreneurs

UPDATED: Founders Conf

Foundersconf is coming to Cardiff on the 8th July 2013. Eight founders from a diverse range of industries sharing their stories. Stories of success, failure and a hundred lessons to be learnt. The conference is suitable for everyone, from budding new entrepreneurs, new business owners and long-standing business folk.

The day (10am – 5pm) is about story-telling, listening to the types of insights that would normally only be learned by making costly mistakes. The word of the day is inspiration, so come, get inspired.

Cardiff University Students get in Free! Please contact us for the promo code.

Needing some funding? Have a great new business idea? Pitch it in 60 seconds. The best pitch on the day will get an investment of £1000.

A seed fund of £1000 is up for grabs on the day to the attendee with the best new business idea. Attendees will need to register to pitch, on the day you’ll be invited up onto the stage and given 60 seconds to pitch your idea to the audience and the panel of judges.

No PowerPoints. No fancy tools. Just you and your idea.

Register for pitching here: www.foundersconf.co.uk/pitch



An Enterprising Culture

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”

John F. Kennedy

The majority of us will bypass, or perhaps never thought of the idea of being self-employed or “rocking the boat” within an organisation. Change is risky, uncertain and unpredictable – it takes us out of our comfort zone and into the realms of instability. We all like to know where our mortgage payments and dinner will come from – anything for an easy life. Inspiring change, innovation and enterprise is not any easy thing to do – you often need to believe in the opportunity and really want to take that leap.

A culture of enterprise and innovation does not mean taking risks; it does not mean leaping in head-first and making sweeping decisions. It instead often means finding a way to have your cake, eat it and be paid for it (to extend a metaphor). Enterprising cultures inspire others to think differently, but to also take steps to do something about it. It’s about making an environment of change and flux acceptable.

We’re here to help you make that start toward change and help develop an enterprise culture at Cardiff University. But we cannot do it without you.

Get in touch to find out how you can help us spread the word, or if you would like to be an Enterprise Champion for your College or Academic School.



Our spies have taken pictures of where he is, so study the pictures carefully, and go looking. Once you find him, bring him back to the office and exchange him for a raffle prize.

Prizes this year have been generously donated by:

  • 10 Feet Tall
  • Bangkok Café
  • Bedroom Athletics
  • Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Club
  • Castle Welsh Crafts
  • Catapult Records
  • Constantinou’s Hair Salon
  • Garland’s Eatery and Coffee House
  • Hubbard’s Cupboard
  • Live Lounge
  • Mallzee
  • New York Deli, Cardiff
  • NoodleBox
  • Owain Glyndwr Pub
  • Pomegranate Fine Art
  • Proofread4u
  • Rules of Play
  • Spice Route
  • Sundried.com
  • SunglassesShop.com
  • The Cardiff Mini Film Festival
  • Thistle Parc Hotel
  • Windsor Barbers

Read more about the prizes below:

10 Feet Tall
Two pairs of event tickets and cocktails for two


Bangkok Café
Meal for two

Quick, easy and ‘aroi dee’. It’s like having a Thai chef in your own kitchen!

Bedroom Athletics
3x £20 Vouchers

Bedroom Athletics has extended its collections to include gorgeous lounge pants, rock ‘n’ roll slipper boots for men, and – the latest craze – glamorous, sublimely comfortable Onesies. We’ve stuck to our original principles. We think that loungewear should be stylish, desirable, and well-made.

Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Club
Family ticket for September game

Ice hockey in Cardiff began when the Wales National Ice Rink (WNIR) was built in 1986. Ice hockey and the Devils breathed new life into Welsh sport and fans just could not get enough.

Castle Welsh Crafts
Cuddly dragon

Castle Welsh Crafts is a warm and welcoming gift shop located opposite the main gates of Cardiff Castle. We stock an extensive range of Welsh gifts and mementos. From t-shirts and magnets through to miner’s lamps and Penderyn Welsh Whisky, we’re sure to have something for everybody.

Catapult Records
Reusable shopping bag

Established in 1993, Catapult is Wales’s largest independent record shop. We are a Dance Music specialist covering all bases from Drum and Bass, Hardstyle, Hip Hop, House, Dubstep, Hardcore, Techno and anything you can fit in between on vinyl and CD formats.

Constantinou’s Hair Salon

50% off
The relationship between a client and their stylist is based on trust. Here at Constantinou’s we employ a range of stylists and provide training opportunities to aspiring creative stylists. You can trust us to match your needs  to a suitable stylist.

Garlands Eatery and Coffee House
Coffee, Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch.

Hubbard’s Cupboard
2x £10 Vouchers

The aim is to create an art, design and vintage ‘hub’ within the store, a mash of talented people and hand-picked items for every aspect of life

2x muffin & hot drink, 2x pastry & hot drink

Kappuccino’s Coffee Shop is situated in the Welsh capital, Cardiff. Opened in 2001, the proprietors have realised their vision to create a relaxing and homely environment in which people can enjoy great coffee, freshly prepared food and friendly service.

Live Lounge

The Live Lounge is Cardiff’s most vibrant and exciting Live Music venue! We also boast a high quality bar and restaurant.

£25 off FCUK, Topshop etc..

Mallzee is like going to the perfect mall, hanging out with friends, having a personal shopper and getting the best deals on everything!

New York Deli, Cardiff
Meal for two

It survived the 80s recession, the road works on St Mary Street, a spangly new shopping centre on its doorstep and the most recent credit crunch. The New York Deli, Cardiff’s best loved independent lunch stop

Two free NoodleBoxes

Friendly staff, tantalising aromas and funky tunes are what you experience when you enter NoodleBox. Whether you’re watching chefs prepare the freshest possible produce, or observing the theatre like antics of the hot woks sizzling, NoodleBox is an experience on every level.

Owain Glyndwr Pub
Drinking hats!

The Owain has earned a reputation as a great place to eat, drink and meet friends in Cardiff. Sport is also part of the entertainment, with SKY sports showing on the 10 plasma screens – the atmosphere on rugby international days is truly unbeatable.

Pomegranate Fine Art
2 Limited edition art prints worth £250 each

Specialising in Modern British prints…especially, but not exclusively, the work of the Curwen Studio. If you have any queries, contact me… phone or email. You are welcome to make an appointment and come and have a tea/coffee, an arty browse and chat. I’m confident prices represent the best value on every work. If not, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

5 x Free Proof readings

Does your work need an extra read through? If the answer is ‘yes’ then we can help you!

Rules of Play
£10 Gift Voucher

Cardiff’s No.1 Games Store! If you have any ideas, want to find out more about us or about events we’re running, or if you are just looking for that perfect game, then please get in touch!

Spice Route
Meal for two

We provide freshly prepared 100% Halal food in an island buffet. Based in the Red Dragon Centre, our palatial restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere for family and friends.

20 Pairs of Sunglasses
2 Tee-Shirts

Starting from a simple word on a surfboard, Sundried continues to spread organically; its community continues to grow and is moving all over the world. We produce sunglasses, t-shirts, shorts and various other items.

20 Pairs of Sunglasses
2 Tee-Shirts

Sunglasses Shop is now the UK’s largest online retailer of sunglasses. Our customers come for our huge range of products and our top level of customer service. We have trusted and long-standing relationships with the main suppliers in the eyewear industry; we’ve been in Grazia and Look magazines among others and Easy Living has contributed to our own in-house magazine.

The Cardiff Mini Film Festival
Two tickets to the Mini-Film Festival

Cardiff Mini Film Festival believes that films can be made on very little or no budget, just pure hard work and dedication from members of the community. Our events take place regularly throughout the year as we believe this gives you the chance to screen your many works and also the opportunity to network with people who you can collaborate with.

Thistle Parc Hotel
Afternoon tea for two

A grand Victorian building with a distinctive French-influenced façade, The Parc Hotel is a Cardiff landmark. Following a massive refurbishment, The Parc Hotel is universally recognised as one of the premier hotels in Cardiff City Centre, making it ideal whether you’re travelling here for business, a shopping trip, a major sporting event or a short break.

Windsor Barbers
Free Cut and Wash

Windsor Barbers offer an expert service in traditional and contemporary barbering techniques and creating any style of men’s hair that you could wish for in the Cardiff barbers area. We can suggest styles to suit you, recommend hair and skin-care products and also a range of after-shaves and colognes.

If you would like to donate a prize to OCTOHUNT please get in touch we us via enterprise@cardiff.ac.uk

Femme Fatale

Gone are the days where women were looked down upon, harassed or thought to be incapable to work side by side as men. Patriarchy will slowly become a thing of the past. In honour of Women’s Day, Mother’s Day ( and EVERYDAY to be fair), this blog post is a tribute to inspirational women around the world who have not only established themselves as entrepreneurs, but some of the best darn business people from around the world, side by side with their male counterparts.

The following is a list of the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs gathered from the interwebz.

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