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Marketing Assistant Wanted

A Cardiff University Graduate business is looking for a Marketing assistance with passion and flare. Candidates should be social media savvy and have an entrepreneurial outlook to help the growth of the business.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get hands on experience with a young passionate company, working an exciting industry, and across a number of disciplines.

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Going to University: What I Wish I’d Known

Oh how I wish I was back in 2005 and getting ready to go to University! Here’s 15 tips for making the best of your University experience. For those of you who get your results today – make the most of your time ahead!

1. Making friends is natural.

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End of the "EVO Triangle"

Adventure Sundays

Any of you who’ve met me will know I’ve got the most Home Counties Accent, ever. This affords me a few funny moments, especially during time I’ve spent in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In fact just anywhere outside of the Home Counties.

I’ve been in Launceston in Cornwall and people have asked if I’m from there. In Dundee people thought I was from Oxford, and in Wales, pretty much everyone thinks I’m from London. In Belfast people thought I was from Edinburgh. I think the best one was in Dundee: an international student on my course told me my accent was “really difficult to understand compared to [my friend from] Yorkshire”. I’m baffled. But it always reminds me that not one section of the UK (or the world) are the same and we can always learn more about somewhere new.

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Founders Conf   The conference for entrepreneurs

UPDATED: Founders Conf

Foundersconf is coming to Cardiff on the 8th July 2013. Eight founders from a diverse range of industries sharing their stories. Stories of success, failure and a hundred lessons to be learnt. The conference is suitable for everyone, from budding new entrepreneurs, new business owners and long-standing business folk.

The day (10am – 5pm) is about story-telling, listening to the types of insights that would normally only be learned by making costly mistakes. The word of the day is inspiration, so come, get inspired.

Cardiff University Students get in Free! Please contact us for the promo code.

Needing some funding? Have a great new business idea? Pitch it in 60 seconds. The best pitch on the day will get an investment of £1000.

A seed fund of £1000 is up for grabs on the day to the attendee with the best new business idea. Attendees will need to register to pitch, on the day you’ll be invited up onto the stage and given 60 seconds to pitch your idea to the audience and the panel of judges.

No PowerPoints. No fancy tools. Just you and your idea.

Register for pitching here: www.foundersconf.co.uk/pitch


Brain Storms

Thursday Thought: An Innovation Mindset


A provoking article I read last week by Pete Flint, CEO of Trulia.com where he ponders the idea of teaching ourselves an innovative mindset. Interesting.

Ever wondered how Steve Jobs or any other innovative individual or inventor comes up with ideas? There’s significant reason to believe that they’re not born with such a skill. Instead it’s who they’re surrounded by, their attitudes and what they’ve learnt.

A mindset is a way of thinking, way of approach or just an outlook. In this case in creativity and maximizing potential from whatever resource they come across – whether that be technology, people, theories or ideas.

Can it be taught? Yes.

If we can teach ourselves to be innovative, creative and see opportunity in our everyday – perhaps we should take the initiative to not only go to the seminar and learn about creative things – but actually go out and apply it until the light bulb/eureka moment happens.

If you don’t think of yourself as creative or think of yourself as an inventor or innovator then perhaps you should fake it until you make it – or you could come along to our innovation labs and become more innovative through actually putting these ideas into practice and learning about the thought process and how to put it into practice.

Innovation and enterprise is about “doing” and actually making something of your idea or seizing the opportunity you see. If the CEO of a major US group sees it’s importance perhaps it’s worth investigating.


We’re “kind of a Big Deal” in Japan

This evening is the University’s first ever Powered By PechaKucha event. We have four entrepreneurial people from across Cardiff delivering 20 slides in five minutes, with networking in between each of the speakers, with nibble and refreshments to keep everyone vitalised.

What makes a PechaKucha style presentation different to a “bogo” sit and listen to me lecture?

It’s rapid. Fast-paced. Full of energy. Engaging.

It’s not death by Powerpoint.

Come and listen to four of Cardiff’s most engergies entrepreneurs this evening and see what it’s all about.

So why exactly is the word ‘Enterprise’ such a social taboo?

To non-business minded people it seems that the word ‘enterprise’ relates to a giant corporate entity churning out various products and that the whole topic sits alongside the likes of local government and philosophy towards the bottom of the ‘interesting conversation’ scale. I know this from the constant digs I used to get from my housemates about working with CU Enterprise however after hearing what I’m about to tell you, I think I may have changed their mind.

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