Think Tank!


Think Tank was an event that took place in the Summer of 2014. You can find out more about Think Tank on this page.

Please check back next summer to see when the next event is scheduled. 

Academic research staff often offer consultancy services to business and industry. This practice enables them to use their skills and expertise for the benefit of the economy and wider society and is a key strategy for delivering impact on their research efforts. The income generated from offering these services can be used to supplement their income or generate funds to meet research objectives. Enterprising researchers are commercially aware and have the capacity to connect with businesses. Commercial development skills are becoming increasingly important as more and more academic positions now request them.

Think Tank aimed to develop post-graduate enterprise skills over two days by encouraging students to engage with local businesses for mutual benefit. Students took the role of a consultancy team and were presented with a brief by a consultancy in their field. They then took a consultation with the business to establish what was required, and used their unique skill set to produce a solution to present back during a final presentation. Throughout the two day event participants were given valuable training in consultancy such as ideas generation, communication, winning work and finding out how much their time is worth as highly skilled professionals.

Think Tank can develop your consultancy competencies through working with real businesses. If you are looking to enhance your professional development, commercial awareness and meet likeminded professionals within your discipline, both within and outside of the university, then please contact for more information on when the next event of this kind will be running.