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The Universities Business Challenge Worldwide is the world’s longest established and most recognised simulation-based competitive challenge for undergraduates designed to develop employability and enterprise skills. Supported by the UK’s leading universities and graduate employers, more than 20,000 students have benefitted from participating in the UBC Worldwide over the past 15 years.

The UBC offers undergraduates within universities a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge of the business world, put theory into practice and develop their team-working, leadership and employability skills by participating in a team-based competitive challenge. The Challenge gives undergraduate students the opportunity to work as a board of directors of realistic, simulated companies, making all the critical business decisions that affect the company’s performance. The UBC simulations are varied and challenging – and range from manufacturing to service businesses to ensure a rounded learning experience.

Why take part?

Participants develop:

  • Workplace skills employers are looking for
  • Enterprise skills for a start-up business
  • A significant addition to their CV, and a boosted profile
  • Opportunities to meet graduate employers
  • AND the top three teams win cash prizes

“Taking part In the UBC was absolutely worthwhile… It enabled me to practice many of the principles I have been learning in my degree, in a nearly real experience. “ UBC participant 2013/14

“I come from a degree scheme that is completely unrelated to business or economics, and I felt like I learnt a lot from the weekly experience of balancing accounts, deciding on stock intake etc. during round one. ” UBC participant 2013/14

Who can take part?

  • The Universities Business Challenge is open to all UK undergraduates from any faculty – preferably penultimate and final year, but can be from any year.
  • Students participate in teams of up to 5 members

What is it exactly?

Students compete and run a series of realistic, simulated businesses:

  • Round 1 – run an online business for 6 weeks
  • Round 2 – live one-day regional Semi-Finals
  • Round 3 – live one-day Grand Final


  • The 3 round format starts the last week in October 2014 and ends the last week in March 2015

Time commitment?

  • Two hours a week for weeks 1 and 2 . One hour per week thereafter. Round 1 runs for 6 weeks

Resources needed?

  • Computer with internet access and printer

Tutor / lecturer support?

  • Teams find lecturer or educator support beneficial in terms of team dynamics and decision making
  • Guidance and resources are provided to educators by the UBC team

“The enterprise team were also very helpful and provided a good amount of group meetings where all the various teams came together. The enterprise team also provided a strong level of support at the beginning of the assignment when we didn’t really have much of a grasp on what we needed to do.” UBC Participant 2013/14

Team registration process?

  • Team registration is open from April to October – the final closing date is 17th October
  • Register the number of teams you want to enter
  • Then nominate team leaders as early in the new academic year as possible
  • Team member names only required upon commencement of the UBC

Are You Interested?

Contact us on enterprise@cardiff.ac.uk to find out more about the application process for UBC 2015/16.

For more information on the challenge, visit their website.