Workshops: January-March 2015


What is Social Enterprise?

Wednesday 28th January. 14:30-16:30

Financial Planning

 Thursday 29th January. 18:00-20:00


Wednesday 11th February. 14:30-16:30

Pitch and Present

 Thursday 12th February. 18:00-20:00

Decisions, Decisions

Wednesday 18th February. 14:30-16:30

Business Planning Process

 Thursday 19th February. 18:00-20:00

Going for Profit

Wednesday 25th February. 14:30-16:30

Understanding Sales

 Thursday 26th February. 18:00-20:00

Product Development Process

 Thursday 12th March. 18:00-20:00

How to Commercialise Technology Based Ideas

 Thursday 19th March. 18:00-20:00