Enterprise in your degree

The Embedded Enterprise & Employability Exchange 04.02.2015

Wednesday 4th February, 12.30-14.30, Council Chamber, Main Building

The Exchange aims to bring together academics to share knowledge and explore opportunities for advancing teaching in a way that contextualises attribute and skill development for enterprise and employment.  For the second installment of the Exchange this academic year, we are focusing on a case example where Dr Annabel Cartwright from the School of Physics & Astronomy will outline a module where students are given differing industry problems and asked to deliver solutions within a strict time constraint.  Recognising the importance of a student voice in these discussions, we hope that a student, who has actively participated in the module Synoptic Physics, will be available to discuss their experiences.

Colleagues from across the institution can expect to;

  • Recognise new approaches to enterprise and employability education
  • Outline ideas for embedded attribute development
  • Develop ideas for advancing one’s own teaching for attribute development
  • Consider the practical concept of contextualising skills for deeper learning and employability

The event will open with lunch from 12.30 and move into themed discussion groups by 13.00, prior to the introduction of this session’s guest speaker.

Register here or email enterprise@cardiff.ac.uk


New: The Embedded Exchange, 3rd December 12.45, Council Chamber, Main Building [register]

From the essence of our graduates being able to make ideas happen, Cardiff University Enterprise aim to support the development of contextualised discipline led enterprise related attributes, so that students’ can go on to make a difference.  Cardiff University Enterprise offers specialist curriculum development support for the embedding of attributes associated with enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Enterprise has a connection to employability, innovation, commercialisation, knowledge transfer and business start-up and therefore can be considered a graduate attribute.  Enterprise can be linked to a range of intellectual, emotional and social skills that allow for the application of creative ideas and innovations.  It can include ideas development, taking the initiative, critical thinking, identifying opportunities, innovation, problem solving, making things happen, networking, communication, strategic thinking and decision making.  Graduate attributes associated with enterprise link to a learner’s capacity for innovative thinking.  Enterprise often involves a sense of ‘practical action’, whereas entrepreneurship is more readily associated with business venture creation.

The strategy adopted by Cardiff University Enterprise is not to bolt-on, but to work with academics to contextualise enterprise for their own discipline.  In this way the attributes developed have a relevance to the discipline, can allow for advanced subject understanding and appear to gain strong student feedback.

Embedded Enterprise & Employability Exchange | register now

Colleagues from across our institution are supplementing knowledge based teaching with attribute development approaches that allow students’ to identify opportunities, develop ideas, become problem solvers and critical thinkers who go on to make a difference.  The Exchange aims to bring together academics to share knowledge, and explore opportunities for advancing teaching that develops a capability to be more enterprising and innovative.

  • 3rd December 2014 | 4th February 2015 | 13th May 2015
  • Council Chamber, Main Building
  • 12.45-14.45pm [lunch from 12.45pm; start time 1pm]

Each of the dates will open by briefly outlining the current drivers before moving to the presentation of an active example from those involved.  The latter part of the session will offer a practical opportunity to gain insight in to developing one’s own curricula. Each of the dates will offer a different case example outlined by an academic, and where possible, the students who are the recipients of the advanced learning approach.



Total Immersion – Enterprise & Employability Module

With our ongoing emphasis and development of curriculum based enterprise learning, the enterprise team are happy to announce the commencement of a brand new standalone 10 credit module called Total Immersion.  The original concept for this module was developed from the work produced by Simon Brooks (University of Portsmouth), Sarah Underwood (University of Leeds) and Alex Moseley (University of Leicester) on Pervasive Learning Activities and Alternate Reality Games within a classroom environment.

Total Immersion will be beginning this semester, with the first session taking place from Monday 29th September for a duration of 12 weeks. The module is aimed at developing and enhancing your enterprising traits and overall employability skills; in building and preparing you for the world of employment.

The module is open to 1st and 2nd year students on certain degree programmes.  If you are interested in finding out more and enrolling, please take a look at the information below and get in touch with Jay Begum atBegumJ1@cardiff.ac.uk or just pop into our office at the Student Union.  



Enterprise in your degree

A key aspect of Cardiff University’s enterprise education provision is the advancement of curriculum based enterprise learning which supports students in recognising, applying and developing an ‘enterprise capability’ via the context of their disciplinary learning. Responsibility for progressing this agenda lies with the ‘Enterprise in the curriculum’ team, Neil Coles and Jahanara Begum. In recognition of his commitment to innovative curriculum based enterprise education at Cardiff University, Neil was recently awarded the prestigious Enterprise Educator of the Year 2013 award.

Engaging students in the development of an ‘enterprise capability’ through subject learning enables a deeper understanding of enterprising behaviours and provides opportunity for practical experience of their application in an appropriate subject relevant context. By experiencing enterprise education that is relevant and meaningful to your subject, you are better positioned to market and apply your enterprise skills within the graduate employment market.

The ‘Enterprise in your Degree’ pages on this blog provide information regarding the opportunities available to you as part of your degree programme. Staff members wishing to find out more about the enterprise education agenda in general or specific services offered to academic schools by the Enterprise in the Curriculum team can visit http://cardiff.ac.uk/racdv/students/ent-curriculum/index.html. Details of future and past academic enterprise forums can also be found there.

We welcome discussions with students and staff regarding employability, enterprise, innovation, ideas, creativity and making a difference.

Contact Neil Coles [ColesN@Cardiff.ac.uk] or Jay Begum [BegumJ1@cardiff.ac.uk]

Tel: 02920781442