Do you teach of Religious Studies or Sociology! If you are looking for a  free ‘super eye opening course’ on Muslims and Islam, then try the Futurelearn MOOC course developed by the  Cardiff University School of Journalism.

For the fourth year running this six week course will start on February 20th 2017. So far it has had over 16,000 learners to and has proved very popular with its audience.

“This course has been a super eye opening course. I have enjoyed it very much and thank all the students and educators who have contributed to my understanding. I now want to learn more.”

“I have really enjoyed the course, discussion and learning so much more about the very real challenges that our Muslim countrymen and women face.”

” Thank you for providing me with a means to ‘dip in’ and explore and inform myself about a religion I knew little about. Thank you all very much.”

If you are interested in taking a look, log on here and find out more