Annual Year 8 STEMLive Event – Mission to Mars

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STEMLive is Cardiff University's exciting annual year 8 STEM enrichment day, the current theme is 'Mission to Mars'. The hands-on event gives students the opportunity to explore and solve problems of how to reach and colonise Mars. From impact craters, to programming rovers, and building sustainable houses on the red planet, students will by challenged by university researchers from all STEM disciplines to complete their mission. All abilities are encourage to attend. For more information about the event email

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Subjects Architecture, Astronomy, Biology, Careers, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Science
Key Stages KS3
Academic Schools Architecture, Biosciences, Chemistry, College of Biomedical & Life Sciences, College of Physical Sciences & Engineering, Computer Science & Informatics, Earth and Ocean Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy
Purpose of School Engagements STEM, Support Educational Transition, Support Subject Option Choice, Widening Participation
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