Talks & Lectures

Anaesthetics Museum Open Day – the operating theatre then and now


The Mushin Museum (Museum of Anaesthetics) based in the School of Medicine hosts open days for GCSE students to demonstrate how science has helped the development of medical equipment to make operations safer for patients. It also promotes science as a career choice demonstrating the links between anaesthetics history and sciences learnt at school.

Cardiff BookTalk


Cardiff BookTalk is a University book group with a difference: we discuss expert perspectives and readers’ views about the big ideas in a range of classic and contemporary fiction. Open to teachers and students Cardiff BookTalk is managed the School of English, Communication and Philosophy. BookTalkers listen to diverse interdisciplinary research topics which expand on themes in the very best classic and contemporary literature. Each speaker addresses the books from their own specialism, and this can lead to fascinating insights about the literary, social and cultural implications of the novels we read. The talks, given by University academics who are specialists in their field, as well as other expert speakers, will be followed by an open discussion session with the audience, and we want as many people to share their perspectives as possible. If you’re interested in discussing the big ideas behind great books, and want to discover new ways of looking at novels, then join us for our next session!

Cardiff Business School Admissions Sessions for Schools and Colleges


Staff from Cardiff Business School offer to visit schools and colleges to run sessions with year 12 students to discuss pathways to university study. These sessions include a presentations on the value of university study and business-orientated degrees in particular, with brochures and employability handouts: they also include a Q & A to invite pupil's interest and queries.

Cardiff University Public Events

Share in our success as a top-five UK university for research excellence and impact. Our events are open to all, and reflect the breadth and depth of our research and courses. Lectures may be relevant for students or CPD opportunities for teachers.

Careers Fairs – Cardiff University School of Welsh


Members of the School of Welsh offer to attend careers fairs held at schools to raise awareness of the Welsh language and its career-enhancing prospects.

Chemistry in the 3rd Dimension


Chemistry in the 3rd Dimension is an immersive 1 hour workshop most suitable for KS4 + KS5 students. An adapted shorter version is also available for KS3 students.
Our workshop begins with an introduction to computational chemistry – using computers to understand and predict chemical reactions, followed by a showcase of the wide variety of research being performed within the Chemistry Department at Cardiff University.
Students then don a pair of 3D glasses which allow them to ‘step inside’ a variety of chemical simulations where 3D is used to describe the properties of these systems.
Our requirements for this workshop are as follows:
1. Use of a darkened room (for example auditorium), and access to a power supply.
2. Use of a standard projector and whiteboard during the introduction talk.
3. A maximum of 100 students per workshop.
Please note the 3D element of this workshop is not suitable for anyone with epilepsy.
To request a workshop or for further information please contact Liam Thomas:

Darwin Centre

Foundation KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5

The Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine was founded in Cardiff by Professor Tony Campbell in 1993, moving to Pembrokeshire in 1999. It has evolved from a Biological and Medicine engagement platform through a week-long Science Engineering and Technology (SET) Festival, to its current format as a year-round engagement provider in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in its broadest sense.

Free school talks and visits to Cardiff University’s National Software Academy


Great opportunity for schools and colleges to learn more about Cardiff University's new National Software Academy. The Academy located in Newport is part of the University's School of Computer Science and Informatics and is the base for the BSc Applied Software Engineering degree. On request we can arrange visits to the Academy, or for a member of staff from the University to attend your school or college to give a talk. to book a visit or find out more email

Higher Education Roadshow


The Higher Education Roadshow is a joint venture between Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC), which aims to engage pupils and encourage them to continue in education. The HE roadshow team offer free year-group interactive assemblies for years 9, 10 and 11 across Wales. A number of sessions are available, including study skills, introduction to university, preparing for 6th form / college and student life. The assemblies provide an introduction to higher education and help to encourage your pupils to work hard and think about their future. For some pupils, university can be a daunting prospect. We aim to demystify the university experience through overcoming common misconceptions about higher education and illustrating the benefits of life at university. Further resources and information on how to book are available on the HE Roadshow website:

Maths Apps – Subsidised KS3 Show


Maths Apps is an interactive schools show for KS3 students, introducing them to the practical applications of maths. From computer games to hairdressing, sports science to breaking world records - where will maths take you?

The show is an hour duration and is ideally aimed at whole school year groups, however we can be flexible to suit your needs.

Pharmacy School Visits

Foundation KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5

The School of Pharmacy offers school visits all based upon a range of themes and topics. These are suitable for a range of key stages and on a variety of subjects. For example, one was run for primary schools on the theme, 'Science and Medics', and through a series of hands-on experiments, they led the young pupils through concepts such as forces, pH, solubility, and blood circulation, as they pertain to medicines.

Physics and Astronomy School Talks


Thanks to funding from Cardiff University Innovation and Engagement fund and the support of postgraduate students in the School of Physics and Astronomy, we are now able to offer free presentations suitable for Key Stage 4 and A-level physics students. These presentations aim to show students how their learning relates to contemporary research and to also allow them to meet and chat informally with a young role model in science. We also aim to encourage students to continue studying at university.

Each show is performed by a working research physicist discussing their area of expertise and their career in physics and astronomy with the help of visual media and exciting, interactive on-stage demonstrations. Descriptions of the shows are included at the link above.

This offer is available to all schools and colleges within 40 miles of Cardiff University. Each show is approximately 45 minutes in length, although show durations can be modified to suit your exact needs. We bring all the equipment needed to perform the show; all we ask is that you provide an empty hall or venue, a parking space, and time for us to set up. We will also require travel expenses for the presenter.

Routes into Languages Cymru


Routes into Languages Cymru is a pan-Wales project that aims to improve the uptake of modern languages in schools. Funded by five Welsh universities and other institutions, and with two operational hubs in Cardiff University and Bangor University, Routes Cymru coordinates a number of events for language learners from year 7 to year 13. Routes Cymru’s flagship activities include:

*Student Ambassadors – Routes Cymru Student Ambasadors support outreach events and offer a variety of activities including school careers talks, language taster sessions and support careers fairs/open days.

*Lingomap – LingoMap is the successor to the award-winning ‘Adopt a Class’ scheme, redesigned to make use of new technologies and aim to reach a wider classroom audience across Wales. Follow our Language Ambassadors around the globe as they embark on their third year abroad. Tasked with writing blogs on specific topics from the GCSE exam specification, the students share personal highlights and cultural flavours from across Europe and beyond. LingoMap also provides a visual and interactive platform to show pupils the global opportunities available to them through studying languages. For further details please go to

*Film Masterclasses – Covering films on the A-level curriculum for French, Spanish and German, students have the opportunity to participate in an interactive seminar with a member of our academic staff. This not only benefits the student academically, but it also gives them a real idea about how exciting and interesting it is studying languages at Cardiff University. This film season will take place during the Spring Term.

*National Spelling Bee Competition – This annual event is designed to support students in year 7 who are studying French, German, Spanish and Welsh Second Language. The competition enables pupils to improve their spelling and vocabulary, encourages correct pronunciation and most importantly raises confidence levels. The competition culminated in the Spelling Bee National Final at the end of the summer term.

School of Computer Science & Informatics – Talks for Schools


The School of Computer Science & Informatics offer talks on various topics to local schools and colleges. Talks offered include titles such as: Careers in computing; What Courses are offered by the School of Computer Science & Informatics at Cardiff University; An introduction and demonstrate of Mobile forensics. Bespoke talks can also sometimes be arranged on request.

Schools Liaison


Offering tailored talks, one-to-one advice at HE fairs across the UK, information sessions and teachers’ conferences, the Undergraduate Recruitment team provide a range of free activities and resources both on and off campus to support those considering university. The fairs we attend and talks we give are applicable to all subjects and courses across the university and will make a good starting point for many teachers and careers advisers.

Science in Health Lecture Series


The Science in Health Public Lecture Series are free events that attract a diverse audience including the public, secondary school pupils and professionals. The series aims to open up areas of concern in health care and present new research on health issues to the public. The lectures are held on Thursday evenings, running from October to June in the large Chemistry Lecture Theatre of the University Main Building. The lectures are free and no booking is required. Local year 12 and 13 pupils have the opportunity to meet with the speaker prior to the lecture. If you are a year 12 or 13 pupil and wish to meet with one of the forthcoming speakers, please contact Medic Engagement.

SHARE with Schools: Life in the Nineteenth Century Workshop


An introduction to aspects of local industrial, domestic and social history in the South Wales and Valleys area. We use presentations, discussion, images and aerial photography in this workshop, as well as offering guided object handling, giving pupils the opportunity to interact with genuine domestic and industrial artefacts from the time. We deliver this workshop in selected schools, working towards widening access to Higher Education.

SHARE with Schools: Romans in Wales Workshop


An introduction to how the Romans came to be in the place we now call Wales and their impact on it. In this workshop we use presentations, creative exercises, and quizzes. We also do guided object handling, giving pupils the opportunity to handle a mix of replica and genuine two thousand-year old archaeological artefacts.

We deliver this workshop in selected schools, working towards widening access to Higher Education.

SHARE with Schools: Sixth Form Workshop


A more informal chat and discussion with university students about aspects of university life and finance, as well as group exercises to encourage pupils to think like a researcher. We deliver this workshop in selected schools, working towards widening access to Higher Education.

Skype an Engineer

Foundation KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5

Engineers are ordinary people doing some extraordinary things that help improve all our lives. At Cardiff University we work on a very diverse range of projects such as developing self-healing concrete, designing non-invasive glucose sensors for diabetics, analysing tidal power generators, studying impact damage in crash helmets, modelling brain movement during surgery. Get in touch if you would like an engineer to take part in a Skype Q&A session with your students, giving them an opportunity to see the curriculum in context and the wide range of careers that are opened up when you study maths and science.

The Exploring the Past Free Lecture Series


This is an exciting series of free talks on History, Archaeology and Religion. They are delivered by local postgraduates and academics together with some very special guest lectures by renowned scholars from universities across the UK. The talks are open to all and are a perfect way for sixth-formers and teachers to get a taste of the exciting research going on within these subjects at Cardiff University. There’s no need to book – just turn up and enjoy!

The Illustration Archive

Foundation KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5

The Illustration Archive is the world's largest searchable online database of historic book illustrations. The images span the eighteenth to the twentieth century and cover works of literature, history, geography, philosophy and science. The Archive can be searched in multiple ways, and provides full access to the books in which the images appeared. The illustrations are copyright free and can be tagged as well as searched. The 'In the Classroom' part of the site includes a guide for teachers on how these historic illustrations can be used in school projects.