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Individual Project Proposals Bank – Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced


Researchers from across the University have been working with the WJEC to provide research proposals for the Individual Project relating to their area of research. Teachers and learners can access all of the approved Proposals via the WJEC resource page. Learners can now access contemporary and real life research proposals to help them formulate their own titles. The learner will be able to undertake research related to their future degree course, linked to the University they want to apply for, and for future employment. The Schools Partnership Project is managing the project in conjunction with the WJEC and these will be posted as they become approved. To view the Proposals currently available on the WJEC website, please click on the title here.
- Once you have reacher the 'related documents' page scroll down to view the Individual project Proposals.
- Find the subject of interest, click on the link and scroll through the different proposals offered by each of the participating universities.


Welsh Bacc Global Citizenship Challenge: Evaluating the Evidence


Learning Outcome 1 of the Global Citizenship Challenge of the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate requires you to "be able to apply critical thinking and problem solving". This includes:
1. Identifying and selecting information on global issues from appropriate secondary sources
2. Considering a range of alternative opinions, views and arguments on a global issue in order to develop your own views
3. Evaluating the credibility of information used in terms of currency, comprehensiveness, validity and reliability.

Cardiff University Library Service has developed the Evaluating the Evidence suite of tutorials to support learning and teaching on these assessment critera.