2017 Turing Lecture Series: Beneficial AI for the Advancement of Humankind

21/02/2017, 17:30 - 20:30


Speaker:Dr Guruduth Banavar

IBM Vice-President of Cognitive Computing, leader of the worldwide team creating Watson.

In the last decade, the availability of massive amounts of new data, the development of new machine learning technologies, and the availability of scalable computing infrastructure, have given rise to a new class of computing systems.

These “Cognitive Systems” learn from data, reason from models, and interact naturally with us, to perform complex tasks better than either humans or machines can do by themselves. These tasks range from answering questions conversationally to extracting knowledge for discovering insights to evaluating options for difficult decisions. These cognitive systems are designed to create new partnerships between people and machines to augment and scale human expertise in every industry, from healthcare to financial services to education.

This talk will provide an overview of cognitive computing, the technology breakthroughs that are enabling this trend, practical applications for the real-world, and ethical considerations guiding the development and deployment of the technology for the benefit of humankind.

The talk is designed to inspire the next generation of IT professionals and will explore the cognitive computing revolution.


‘Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed the establishment of a new era in computing – the age of machine learning. And, as we move into this new age, the resulting technical, professional and societal changes will be profound. It means having a very different relationship with machines. We’ll need to start getting used to having machines with us, to having natural interactions with them, and get used to the idea that they’ll be doing a lot of tasks in every part of our lives.’

Dr Banavar


This talk is part of the BCS/IET Turing lecture series. Sessions will take place in London, Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast on 20-23 February 2017.

The Turing lecture series are always very well attended. The sessions are free, but booking is essential.

Cardiff Event: Registration is at 17:30, Lecture will commence at 18:00

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