Finding hydrocarbons – the search gets tougher

09/09/2014, 18:30 - 19:30


Dr Phil Richards (British Geological Survey, Edinburgh) will give the first in the new season’s series of talks on ‘Earth’s natural resources: here today, gone tomorrow?’ He will review the geology of oil’s origins, before considering what happened to the scary scenarios of the noughties when we faced the end of the oil age with the approach of Peak Oil. He will go on to examine how much oil is left in the North Sea, and how we will find it, if at all. After examining the doom and gloom of declining reserves from a mature basin, the discussion will move to whether big fields in frontier basins will provide the answer, looking at the special difficulties and economics of such areas, with reference to recent Falklands discoveries. The talk will finish with a brief review of shale gas and oil in the UK, and pose the questions of whether that will alter the economics of the UK’s energy supply, and whether the environmental and social consequences are acceptable to us.

The 2014-15 series of lectures in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences ‘Earth’s Natural Resources: here today, gone tomorrow?’ considers the diversity and limits of Earth’s mineral and energy resources and the developments in renewable energy technologies.

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Earth's Natural Resources Lecture Series